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How to Pass Time Without Electricity During Hurricane Irma

Many Floridians, including myself, didn’t think much of Hurricane Irma at first. In fact, the severity of this hurricane didn’t really process in most people’s minds until Tuesday. Based off of how horrible this hurricane is going to be, here is a list of the best things that you could possibly do when Irma is passing by and the power goes off.

1. Read that book you always tell yourself you’ll get to one day

We all have that one book that we never really have the time to read.  Remember? It’s the one that’s dusty and always sitting on your desk. Ahem…”War and Peace.” Now you can make the time pass by picking up that book and actually reading it!

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2. Do your homework

I mean, might as well. Your options of actually doing things are very limited and it’s better than doing it the night before class. So, practice those math problems, print out those scholarly articles beforehand, and get ready to study!

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3. Play some board games with your roommates

This is a go-to when it comes to any type of power outage. There’s always that one roommate who’s been waiting to bring out their limited edition Monopoly (me). This also allows you to spend time with your roommates. What better way to bond than with a nice board game with a hurricane going on outside?

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4. Catch up on some Netflix shows

If you don’t know by now, Netflix lets you download shows on your devices so that you can watch anytime/anywhere without using WiFi or data. All you have to do is click on Netflix, go on the menu, click on available downloads, and start downloading a couple of shows. Just remember to delete unwanted selfies and useless apps on your phone so that you can have more memory for the shows.

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5. Throw an indoor camping party

Invite some friends beforehand, make little tents out of blankets, light up a couple of candles, and get ready to tell some ghost stories. Your inner five-year-old will be screaming with joy.  It’s also better to have company than to be by yourself when a hurricane hits.

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Final Note: Please stay safe during this hurricane! Wishing you and your loved ones the best.

Carelyn is a student at Florida State University. She's double majoring in Editing, Writing, Media and Humanities. Carelyn loves pastel colors, thought-provoking books, and exploring the beautiful world.  
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