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How My BuJo Saved My Life

For years and years, I have always been the person who bought a planner and never used it to properly plan anything. Either there was too much going on in the book, or too little that I felt I didn’t really need it. As I reached college, I realized that my life needed to be more organized but I needed something more fitting to my personality. Since the beginning of my freshman year, I have gone through almost every method you could think of: a whiteboard in my dorm with a to-do list, sticky notes throughout my notebooks, and finally, the bullet journal.

The great part about bullet journals is the flexibility. The page is full of small dots to create an easy to use the grid. These small dots allow the owner to draw their own lines but ensures they remain straight and boxes are evenly spaced out. Each person’s BuJo acts as a personal planner with everything accustomed to your personal life. Since this summer I will be juggling work, classes, and an internship, finding something fitting for a busy schedule was essential. For those of you also juggling a lot into your week, this may be your best option. Here are a few ideas to get you started!

1. Create a monthly divider

This can be the best way to keep your weeks divided. By doing this, your months will not collide together and looking for a certain date can be much easier!

2. Try out a weekly spread

While this one seems like a typical planner, you can customize it to your own life. Create it with your own small doodles and themes. Each week can be a different spread!

3. Test positive thought a day

Sometimes, when we all get stressed, it easy to focus on the negatives surrounding us. As a BuJo page I have personally tested, this one can really impact your day. Each day of the month, I write down a positive thing that made me happy that day.

4. Track your habits

This can be anything from the amount of water you drink to the amount of money you save. If you are curious about certain habits you have, use a page to track it! In the month of May, I will be tracking how much money I spend on coffee.

These are just a small number of possibilities that can go into your bullet journal. Find the methods that you like and run with it. Most importantly, remember that no two bullet journals will ever be the same and that is the best part! While Pinterest remains a great source for inspiration, be creative and have fun.

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