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When we are going through tough times in life, we look for answers. We become desperate to attribute negative things to outside sources and thank these sources when good things happen. These answers can come from your spiritual beliefs, religious beliefs or anything else you place your trust in. Although I have a strong relationship with God, I found trust and comfort in the process of manifesting. I am a strong believer in everything happening for a reason. In my case, this reason is manifestation.

By my personal definition, the act of manifesting is attracting a specific circumstance that does not yet exist. This is something that I had been practicing for many years without realizing it. My goal was to “speak things into existence.” Unknowingly, I was speaking all of my goals into my life. I was always taught that words have power. Knowing this, I can use the power of the tongue to become the best version of myself.

Speaking and writing my manifestations have had the most success for me individually. But, before I could begin manifesting, I had to truly believe everything that I was speaking or writing down. You have to have a strong desire and a strong belief system to back your manifestations up. If I had even an ounce of doubt, these manifestations would not come to fruition. You also have to be in a clear and positive headspace. Thinking negative thoughts will manifest negative things. This is why it’s important to clear your mind and have a positive mindset when you are wanting to manifest.

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If I am speaking my manifestations, it works best if I am alone, repeating the action that I want to take place and mixing in positive affirmations. I try to visualize myself in the specific instance that I am manifesting. Visualizing aids in connecting with the process at an even deeper level. This is something that I learned from a yoga teacher that has always stuck with me.

If I am writing the manifestations, I practice the three-six-nine method. With this method, I write the name of what I am manifesting three times, I write the intention six times and finally the action nine times. After this, I speak positive affirmations to myself. This is a method that I learned from the TikTok app in which manifest culture has a strong community. Another written method that I use is the three-33 method. With this method, the action that you want to take place is written down 33 times for three days straight. With a positive mind, a strong desire and a strong belief system, these manifestation methods are bound to work.

When negative things happen in my life, most of the time I attribute them to myself and my own mistakes. It makes me feel safe and grateful to be able to place some accountability on the universe. Not everything is a direct result of your own actions and sometimes, things will happen the way that they are meant to happen. But, manifesting gives me the feeling of having some influence over the course that my life will take.

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Aiyanna is a current student at The Florida State University as a sophomore. She is currently studying Psychology with a minor of Communications. Her favorite food is french fries and her favorite drink is strawberry-lemonade. Her passions include working with and helping people. She hopes that this passion one day leads me to the field of public relations and media.
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