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books on brown wooden shelf
books on brown wooden shelf
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How to Make Your Finals Week a Breeze

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

1. Create a plan.

Refer back to the course syllabus for each class and write down all the exam dates and times to make sure you’re not missing anything. Some tests can be online and others you may have to register for on your own time, so it’s good to double check. This way you can figure out what your week is going to be looking like and what you should start focusing on first.

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2. Go to office hours beforehand.

Professors really appreciate seeing their students making the effort to go out of their way to visit them during office hours. It’s best to go as soon as you’re having any trouble in the class so that you don’t get left behind and end up working way harder than you should to bring your grade up last minute.

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3. Make your own study tools.

Aside from any study guides, you’re given, it’s helpful to make your own flashcards, Quizlet, charts, etc. Reading over your notes and re-writing them is always a good way to make sure you’re retaining all the important information. Everyone learns in different ways to find the method that works best for you and start studying early on.

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