How to Improve Your Relationship with Social Media

There is no denying that social media has turned the world upside down. We all use it to some variation, but many people view this as a bad thing for a multitude of reasons. I completely agree that social media has taken over many aspects of our lives. However, as someone who studies media/communication and hopes to one day work full time with it, I think that social media can improve our lives when the right mentalities are applied. Here are a few of my favorite ones that have made my social media experience a pleasant one.

Social media is not a competition

The quote, “The flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it, it just blooms,” basically sums this up. Every social media platform is filled with photos of people depicting the fun and happiness in their lives. All of the excitement you see others having on your screen can sometimes make you feel like your life is lacking. The best way to combat these blues is to remember that we are all living our own unique story; everyone has a different body, style and experience, and anything you choose to share about yourself is just as interesting as other posts you scroll past, no need to compare. Enjoy yourself as you are, and that confidence will radiate in all you do.

Stay away from people who don’t bring you positivity

It’s tempting to try and stalk your exes on Instagram or to scroll through numerous tweets of people ranting about their day. It seems harmless, but honestly, if you wouldn't check up on these people and contact them in real life, why spend your time dealing with this negativity on your social media feed? Worrying about the lives of the people who you associate negative feelings with is inevitably just going to perpetuate more negativity. Take your urge to stalk negative people and use it to focus on the people you love, whose happiness and success makes you smile.

Courtesy: @thaliabree on Instagram


Use it to reinforce relationships, not ruin them

There is an idea that the age of technology has ruined people’s social skills and ability to form real friendships. This does not have to be the case, and if anything, it can be a tool to strengthen friendships. Social media gives us a platform to express ourselves, our values and our interests which makes it simpler to identify what you have in common with friends and people you want to meet so you can hopefully make a connection. It also makes it a lot easier to plan real-life events and dates for actual interactions.

Be conscious of what you post

The energy you put out in the world really does have an impact on the energy you get in return. If you post negative photos and statuses bashing yourself, you are not going to feel any better when you read back over them no matter how many comments or reactions you get. Once you start exclusively sharing things you are passionate about and embracing the things that you love about yourself to the world, the responses you get from people will be more meaningful.  

Know that it’s okay to take a break

Just like any type of relationship, it’s just as important to be able to live without something as it is to live with it. If you try your hardest to stay positive online and still feel like social media is a hindrance for your personal growth, it’s completely okay to delete apps off your phone for a month or two and devote your time to more proactive things. Giving yourself that break can help you be smarter and happier with your media usage whenever you decide to tune back in.


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