How to Get Back Into Your Workout Routine, and Actually Mean It

During winter break and immediately after it, I noticed there was a health kick among college students. Everyone was waking up early, going for a run, making a healthy breakfast, and always taking a sweaty selfie to prove it – something I, for one, am guilty of. With the semester picking up and schedules becoming busier, this trend is slowly dying out but I see no reason why it should. There is a way to balance a busy life and a healthy life, it just takes some effort.


When it comes to any lifestyle shift, the most important thing to me is starting out with the right mindset. That means you have to not only set attainable goals for yourself but also start at a slow pace and be okay with that. No one ever jumps into the world of fitness by participating in a marathon right off the bat (and if they do, God bless them.) You have to do a little bit every day and understand that it’s okay to pick up the six-pound dumbbells instead of reaching for twelve or fifteen pounds.

Proper training

Once you have the right mindset and you’re ready to get started, you should really do your research on what you’ll be doing and how it will benefit your body. You probably should have some sort of idea of the exercises you’ll be doing before you go to the gym, but you also absolutely need to know the proper form while exercising. Not only for the best physical results, but also for the sake of your health and wellbeing. There are so many times that I go into the gym and just watch all of these people lifting weights, stretching or even running the wrong way. Most Florida State students know about the full access we have to small group classes, but what you might not know is that FSU also offers one free 90-minute fitness coaching session, a free Personal Training Session sampler, and fitness assessments to help you establish a foundation for your exercise plan and to track your progress. Take advantage of these amazing resources while you have them!


Sure, it’s easy to save some pins to your “get fit” Pinterest board and just wing it when you’re at the gym – again, 100% guilty myself – but unfortunately that is not what will bring you the best results in the long run. Give yourself a schedule for every week (arms, legs, cardio, core, shoulders, stretch and relaxation etc.) and don’t be afraid to switch it up every once in a while. The worst thing to do to your health kick is to get bogged down in the routine of things; it’s so important to change up your routine, and focus on the exercises you enjoy the most. After all, this isn’t a competition, it’s your life.

Have fun with your workouts

Along with switching up your work out routines, you should also be switching up your atmosphere. Along with the seemingly endless supply of treadmills and weights at the Leach Center, Campus Rec also offers so many small group classes like yoga, Spin45 and NoleFit, all of which can help you switch up the daily routine and provide new and fun workout experiences. At FSU, we not only have free amenities at the Leach, but we also have the FSU Reservation and so many other possibilities for outdoor exercise. Whether you’re trying to stay in city limits and hit up the challenge course at the Rez or you want to venture outside of Tallahassee and go to places like Providence Canyon or the Florida Caverns, there are endless opportunities for outdoor exercise. Even if it’s just a run around Cascades Park, don’t limit yourself and feel free to break out of your comfort zone.

No matter how crazy your life may seem, exercising is something that can and will fit into your hectic schedule as long as you commit to it and make realistic goals for yourself. Living a healthy life doesn’t require you to spends hours upon hours at the gym every day but it’s the little things that count. Walking to class, taking advantage of the resources at your disposal, and just making it a priority for yourself is what will change your life for the better!

All images courtesy of FSU Campus Rec.