How to Find (Some) Enjoyment Before and After a Big Exam

Now that school is finally back in the swing of things, exams are back too. Studying for exams can be painful, so why not find some enjoyment on those long study days before an exam?

1. Indulge!

We all know the importance of eating healthy BUT it is exam day! Why not order a nice pizza that you definitely deserve? This will give you something to look forward to for dinner after those long study hours. This is definitely something I personally do whenever I have a huge exam the next day.

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2. Look forward to doing something fun after your exam.

If you stress yourself out with more studying right after you have an exam, you will burn out. Spend an hour or so on yourself or with friends. Maybe catch up on your show and de-stress for a while. You could even nap! Your body and brain are begging for an escape after those long hours of studying and maybe even loss of sleep.

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3. Meditate.

This is something I usually do when my brain is starting to hurt. There are so many YouTube videos that you can look up guided meditations with breathing exercises. Just type in “guided study meditation.” This will calm your brain down and you will feel more relaxed and focused afterward. It can be five, 10, 20 minutes or however long you need to cool down to regain focus. Meditation is also very powerful right before an exam to calm your nerves and relieve anxiety. All you have to do is listen to the recording and follow their instructions. Your brain will thank you!

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4. Write down what your end goal is.

On my little dry erase board, I have my end goal written. It says, “Scholarship to law school.” Whenever I am studying or just feel unmotivated I look up at that board and it reminds me why I am sacrificing time and energy. Maybe yours is to get into grad school, graduate cum laude or have good grades to put on your resume after graduation. Having this written will help you stay focused and make your goal more tangible. You will feel like you are closer to that goal after this exam. Feel as if you already have your goal for a second and truly believe you have accomplished it.

5. Find a comfortable area to study and switch up your locations.

If you find the library as the best place to study, go home after you feel your brain starting to lose focus. Take a shower and then continue to study. Switching up your locations will help you regain focus and feel as if you are working on something new.

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6. Listen to classical or study music.

I usually do this because it helps me stay on task and focus. I recommend listening to music without lyrics.

7. Make studying fun!

Studying doesn’t have to be terrible, it can actually be fun. Use Quizlet and their study games, flashcards, tests, etc. I prefer to handwrite than use a keyboard, so I make self-tests for each chapter I get through. Sometimes, I make my own flashcards and make up my own study games too.

8. Think of your exam as your personal game day.

Now that you have worked so hard studying, it is time to show the world (including yourself) that it was worth it. Just like football players, you dedicated time, energy and hard work to this. Get excited, you got this!

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