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How to Eat Healthier on the Road

Spring break is almost here! The weeks of hard work are about to pay off because we are finally ditching the library for the open road. The library wasn’t the only place we collegiettes have been sweating it out; the gym was our second home as we prepped for this blissful week of no classes and extra sleep. All the hard work that we’ve put into getting ready for the plethora of Instagram pictures cannot be forgotten now that we’ve hit the road. Whether you’re hitting the beach, heading home or traveling up north – this healthy eating road trip guide is for you!

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Plan ahead. Packing snacks before you leave is always a good idea. When you plan out your snacks and buy them before you’re traveling, you’ll make smarter decisions and buy the healthier option. It’s also cheaper to pick up your (healthy) favorites at a bigger store like Wal-Mart or Target than at a gas station. Buying your snacks ahead of time will save you money because you’re less likely to spend money on impromptu candy in the moment.

Healthier, not healthiest. It’s a vacation for a reason! Making healthier choices is a good step, you don’t always have to choose the healthiest. Choosing potato chips over an apple isn’t a hard decision. When you’re on the road and you’re experiencing serious salty cravings, choose pretzels instead. You’ll still get the crunch and it’s a better option than a lot of other convenient snacks that can be found on the road.

Read the labels. This is just a good idea when grocery shopping in general but if you’re searching for a quick snack, make sure you scan the back of the snack. A general rule of thumb is the less ingredients listed, the better. If a snack advertises that it’s natural or healthy, make sure you double check for the truth.

Water! Water is always the best choice for hydration. Even though it may not seem like a good idea to drink up when you’re going to be stuck in the car for hours at a time, drinking enough water every day is super important. It’s also an easy substitution to make and will save plenty of calories instead of drinking soda.

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