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How to Be in a Relationship on a Budget

Spring is right around the corner so Cuffing Season is pretty much over. For those of you who succeeded in finding a significant other during the cold, winter months, I’ve put together a list of tips to help you save money in your relationship. For those of you who didn’t find a special someone, don’t worry! Just keep these tips in mind when you settle down. Continue reading for some tips on how to have a fun relationship and not break the bank.

1. Cook at home.

This one seems obvious, but it’s so true. Eating out, while fun, seriously adds up. It may seem like there’s nothing else to do and so you and your significant other resort to another trip to Bento or Chick-fil-a. This isn’t true! Not only are there a number of things to do in Tallahassee for free or cheap that we’ll get to later, but also cooking at home is an option! Cooking at home is much cheaper, healthier for you and a great way for you and your partner to spend some quality time together. How could you not want to throw on a great album, play around in the kitchen and experiment with new recipes? Some dishes may turn out better than others but that’s also part of the fun. You’ll be able to look back on that time you made a disgusting chicken parm and laugh. If you do want to go out to eat, make it a date. Plan it out. Make it special. Just don’t rely on restaurant food for every meal.

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2. Take advantage of places that do student discounts near you.

I can guarantee that there are a variety of things to do near you that will allow you to use your student I.D. to get some sort of discount. Most movie theatres have some sort of student discount. In my experience, many theatres only offer student discount Monday through Thursday or only for matinee showings. All you would have to do is make a call to find out when exactly these discounts can apply at the theatre near you. The AMC movie theatre here in Tallahassee even offers $5 Ticket Tuesdays.

Many times, ice skating and roller skating rinks will offer either student discounts or even college nights. We don’t have an ice rink near us in Tallahassee, but our roller skating rink offers great deals throughout the week. Sounds like a deal to me. Even if you and your significant other don’t know how to skate, it’ll certainly be another memory you can laugh at down the road.

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For those days that you do decide to go out to eat with your partner, find out which restaurants near you offer student discounts. Every ten percent helps! Museums and zoos usually offer student discounts as well, it’s just a matter of doing a little bit of research. Ugh, research, I know. But it’ll be so worth it when your bank account stays in the green.

3. Go to free local events.

In every town, there are going to be free events that you’ll be able to attend. Tallahassee is full of cool places to check out that won’t cost you a dime.

Food Truck Thursday 

At Lake Ella, they hold Food Truck Thursday. There are live bands and good vibes all around. You can purchase food from the trucks if you wish, but that kind of defeats the purpose of cooking at home. All you need is a blanket or some folding chairs to sit under the trees and listen to some folk music.

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First Friday

Another free event in Tallahassee, First Friday is held at Railroad Square on the first Friday of every month. Take this chance to stroll around the square with your significant other and take in the live music, art and other creative happenings!

Live Bands 

There are a number of spots in Tallahassee that regularly host live bands for free or super cheap. Check out The Wilbury, The Bark or The Warehouse to find out what kind of live performances or open mic nights might be going on!

4. Free date ideas.

There are also several date ideas that you can come up with that are free. There are many parks in Tallahassee that you and your SO can grab a blanket and settle down for a little while and just enjoy each other’s company. Cascades Park is a 24-hour park with nice trails, pretty fountains and plenty of green areas to throw down a blanket. There are also a variety of festivals and events held there that are free to the public.

Leon Sinks Geological Area is another great place for you and your special someone to visit. Now, it’s not free but it is only $3 per vehicle so it’s not a bad deal. This park offers nature trails, caves, and sinkholes for you to explore.

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Check out what free events your school may be hosting. Many times, universities offer free activities with your student I.D. For example, FSU’s Askew Student Life Cinema plays movies all the time for free! All it takes is a simple search to find out about other events like this.

There’s no reason to drop hundreds of dollars on activities with your partner. Save those big purchases for vacations and travel time together! On a week-to-week basis, try adopting these simple tricks to ease some stress off of your wallet! There’s no reason you can’t have a great time on a budget.

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