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If you’re anything like me, quarantine has affected the way you eat entirely. Either you’ve been treating yourself a little extra these days, or you’ve been cooking up a storm to keep yourself entertained, or both! Whether you’re one or the other, I think that we can all agree that quarantine plus finals week is a college student’s worst nightmare.  

Finals week is the time where college students, more particularly me, ignore any healthy thought in our brains for the cheapest and fastest meal we can find. My defense to this is that I’m “studying” *cough watching Youtube videos in Strozier* and don’t have the time to cook a full meal for myself. But I don’t think I can make that same defense in quarantine.  

Before all this, I expected to end the semester smoothly writing all my final papers in the sweet, silence of Strozier’s third floor as I snacked on peanut M&Ms but as Will Smith once said, “My life got flipped-turned upside down.” I never thought I’d be home for more than one week even less the entire summer! Now, I’m back home in my old room where I’ve slowly morphed into my old high school self by waiting till the last minute to do ANY form of homework and nagging my mom to please make me dinner. This finals week is the first one sponsored by the best chef in the world … thank you, Mom. Which got me thinking… What are others eating during finals week? So, I went ahead and asked my Instagram (bonus points to the friends who replied)! The answers were interesting, to say the least…  


Snacking of some sort was definitely everyone’s top answer of choice. It seemed like a lot of people had the chance to snag some of their favorite snacks since who knows when the next time we’ll get them!  


“Nuts or ice cream. There is no in-between for me.”  

“Popcorn for sure.”  

“Omg either peanut M&Ms orrrrr bbq chips.” 

Trail Mix
Christin Urso / Spoon

Local Restaurants  

A lot of people have begun supporting local businesses after quarantine which is amazing! If you’re going to eat out during finals week might as well eat local! Whether you’re spending your finals week in Tallahassee or back in your hometown this seems like a good option across the board. 

“Can’t ever not order MadSo.” 

“Ooo this isn’t a restaurant but I always get Night Owl cookies to help me with studying.”  

“Little Italy.”  

Chicken and rice
Rajesh TP


This category is kind of broad… Because of quarantine we’ve been either forced to make our own meals or harass other family members to do so. Since we don’t have any other option than to eat at home these answers were definitely the most fun out of the bunch! 

“My mom’s black beans and rice period.”  

“Sandwiches! Super easy + yummy.” 

“Rice bowls.” 

“Anything I can put in an air fryer.” 

I’ll admit it’s been hard keeping up a routine these days with the pandemic. Our finals week diets look A LOT different than they usually would, and that’s totally okay! It’s okay to snack and it’s okay to not! We all react to stress differently. Right now the most important thing is to stay safe and ace those finals! 

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Janelle is a Mass Media Communications and International Affairs student at Florida State University. She loves binging youtube videos and can be seen watching anything from animation reviews to conspiracy theories. If you ever want to talk Film, Janelle is your gal.
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