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How to Add Some Vintage Flare to Your Style

To quote beauty icon, Ms. Heidi Klum, “As you know in fashion, one day you’re in and the next day you’re out!” This makes updating one’s wardrobe a daunting task. The best way to update your look this spring is to try something that’s been proven to be timeless—the vintage look. When it comes to decades fashion, it’s easy to end up looking costume-y (I know I have a fringe vest or two I deeply regret from my attempts to channel the 70s). But there are plenty of ways to get classic chic style without going overboard.

The 1950s

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Tea-length circle skirts (like the one above) were a staple. These were often worn with petticoats underneath for that extra-full effect. Today, I’d recommend you forego volume and stick with a simpler, tighter circle skirt like this one from UNIQLO. Pair it with a crop top or tucked in shirt for that pinched-waist look. And if a two-piece isn’t your style, an easy way to sock-hop it up is to add a pair of t-strap heels to your ensemble.

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As for beauty, it was all about the full glam! Stars like Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Dorothy Dandridge were known for their stunning full-coverage makeup looks. For authentic vintage-inspired makeup, check Bésame Cosmetics. You can buy replicas of vintage makeup. Or use products you already have, like the timeless pairing of red lipstick and eyeliner.

The 1960s

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From Jackie O to Twiggy, the style of the 60s spanned across a broad spectrum. But there’s one word that’s come to define the lasting presence of 60s fashion—mod. It was the youth’s rebellion against the old-fashioned ways of their parents, and it still influences our style today.

Try a loose-fitting mod dress in a bright color or pattern. Or get a pair of big, round sunglasses to accent your look. If you’re into shoes, match some Mary Janes or loafers with opaque socks or tights.

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For makeup, peachy and pinky toned lipsticks and blushes were groovy back then. The bold eye looks like a cut-crease shadow and big, doll-like lashes were taking over the fashion scene. As for hair, the old saying goes “the higher the hair the closer to god;” and while volume is wonderful, avoid the over-done, hair-sprayed-to-death look.

The 1970s

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70s aesthetic is making a major comeback through festival fashion, but that’s not the only place you’ll find it. Forever 21 has a whole section of their online store dedicated to “that 70s feel.” It’s a great place to get inspiration.

Multi-colored horizontal stripes were huge as were peasanty floral designs. But my absolute favorite way to sneak in some 70s rock into my wardrobe is with a pair of high-waisted flare jeans. It might seem a little over-the-top (it is), but as long as you steer clear of fringe bags and platform shoes, flare-cut pants are a fun way to feel like you belong on the cover of a Fleetwood Mac album.

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70s beauty favored everything from bright colors to soft neutrals. If you want to add retro vibes to your beauty look, try pop-of-color eyeliner looks that capture the bold colors common in the fashions, or the current trend of monochromatic makeup in a floral color that pays tribute to the earth-tones the era brought to the forefront of fashion.

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