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Hosting the Perfect Friendsgiving: A How-To Guide

It took a long time for me to feel at home in Tallahassee. I remember my first semester here and the crippling homesickness I experienced, the daily calls to my mother just to hear the comfort of her voice, the ritual trips to what used to be my home and the welcoming bounds of my little pup. I was at an all-time low that first fall in Tallahassee. Thankfully, I met my now-roommate Sarah – the first friend I made at Florida State – and, through her, I came to know my lovely best friend, Elizabeth. The three of us live together happily in a quaint little brick-walled home here, and the low days of freshman year have disappeared. I am comfortable with my little Tallahassee family now. I am so, so thankful for the friends-turned-family I have made during my four years in this capital city, and this year, we are celebrating in a special way: a Friends-giving spectacular. Here’s how to host the happiest, most thoughtful, and heartwarming Thanksgiving celebration with your family-away-from-home. 

1. Make a Facebook event page

…with a cute description reminding your lovely friends that this is a potluck-type evening – bring something delicious! Here’s what my roommate came up with for our own Friendsgiving Celebration (she’s all about rhyming and cutesy descriptions): Come one, come all to a festivity made to honor, and be thankful for, those that constantly surround us with love and encouragement, its time for a FriendsGiving Potluck! It will be such a sensation, an evening for friends and conversation, a real snazzy celebration! We can’t wait to see you there! So please join us Thursday night, 7:00 p.m. the party takes flight, November 17th, it will be a delight! Oh, and please bring a dish to share! Remember to RSVP, any questions will be answered merrily. Let us know if we should save you a chair!

Courtesy: Romper


2. Try something new

Like apple cider mimosas! This drink is my new favorite, and it’ll fit right in atop your Friendsgiving table. They’re super simple to make, too: combine one part champagne with two parts apple cider, and there you have it! Elizabeth, the queen of the mimosa, likes to rim the glasses with a cinnamon-sugar mixture. Dip the rim of the glass in water before dipping it in a plate of cinnamon-sugar, and your drink will look even more fancy.

Courtesy: Small Town Woman


3. Make a photo backdrop

It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant – though no one is stopping you from showcasing your crafting and DIY skills, collegiate – but having a simple, happy background for photos with your favorite people will help you make lasting memories during the golden hour. 

Courtesy: Miami Party Crashers


4. Don’t forget to make a toast

To a Fall semester almost past, to memories and giggles shared, to the delicious feast set in front of you. Remember to thank your friends for having your back, for making you smile, and for loving you unconditionally. They’ll be thanking you, too. 

Courtesy: Iris


5. Don’t panic

about decorations, food, or fun. These are the people you are most comfortable with; these are the people you love the most. You’ll have a splendid time. Calm down. Be thankful. And enjoy your Thanksgiving celebration with those you hold dear: your friends-turned-family. I know I will. Happy Thanksgiving, collegiates!

McKenna is a junior at Florida State University studying History and Editing, Writing, and Media. As an avid reader, her bookshelves are overflowing; her literary taste ranges from Jane Austen and the classics to Stephen King and young adult novels. She is a theater geek, sporadically breaking out into song (the Phantom of the Opera is here!) in the checkout line at Publix. She owns way too many coffee mugs, but never has enough Star Wars merchandise. She has a passion for writing, and has been known to write love letters to the greatest men in her life (Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly, Dick van Dyke, to name a few). She is more than excited to join the Her Campus team this semester! 
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