H&M x Balmain Sells Out in a Day


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If you are a strong fan of the Kardashians or maybe just a bonafide local fashionista, you know that the H&M x Balmain collection dropped at select H&M stores and online on November 5th, and sold out that same day! H&M is notorious for doing collections with well-known designers since 2004 when their first collection was with Karl Lagerfeld. However, if you were stuck in Tallahassee you might have unfortunately missed out on the opportunity to snag up a piece that was strutted down the Billboard Awards red carpet by the likes of Kendall Jenner and Jourdan Dunn while Olivier Rousteing promoted the collection.

The H&M collection, which is very similar to many of Rousteing’s own collections for Balmain, has leather biker pants for $399, leather and faux fur jacket that sold for $149 and the same beaded velvet jacket that Kendall wore at the Billboard Music awards for $549. Rousteing was quoted telling ELLE magazine, “I wanted to stay really close to the Balmain DNA and to what people dream of.” He noted, "With all my Instagram followers, I can see that Balmain has a young-generation sect that loves the brand but sometimes can't afford it."

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According to accounts from online sources, the store let people inside in groups and people were franticly grabbing any and everything that they could find in their size. Much of the success to the H&M x Balmain collection is due to the popularity of the Kardashians. Say what you may about them, but they have become household names all over the world and when they began to sport Balmain at every event and award show, their fans began to notice. “I think it’s so cool that Olivier did a collection for H&M. He is doing big things for Balmain by making his clothes affordable and accessible. Being able to wear the same things as Gigi and Kendall makes any fashionista's dream come true,” said sophomore Natalie Campion.

Many people argued that for Rousteing to pair up with the H&M, or even the Kardashians, diminished the exclusivity of his brand or devalued it in some way. However, I’m sure Rousteing would argue on any given day that his sales have not only increased, but so has his brands popularity. Fashion, like any business, is about sales. So when a designer’s collection sells out in minutes, I am sure he will remain head designer of the Balmain house for quite some time. “It is truly remarkable what H&M has been able to do, with collaborating with designers and bringing many of these collections to the masses," said senior Lauren Wynne.

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If you’re like me and you missed your opportunity to shop H&M x Balmain, worry not. There are some piece available on eBay, in case your parents are looking to drop $2,000 for a holiday gift. But you never know, so feel free to send them the link. “I absolutely loved the pieces. I thought they did a great job at making pieces that represented not only the lavish and intricate side of the brand but making it wearable for the HM consumer," said sophomore Jennifer Groce. "I am not surprised that it sold out in a day - there was a long sleeved sequin dress I would have killed for.” 

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All in all, Rousteing’s collection was beyond a success and I hope he celebrated accordingly. Just like Rousteing predicted, the younger generation is in awe of the collection, and they just wish they could have snagged a dress or jacket too!