Hey DJ: Christine Goodwyne

Name: Christine Goodwyne

Year: Junior

Major: Editing, Writing & Media

Hometown: Tampa, FL

Relationship Status: Taken

Courtesy: Christine Goodwyne

Her Campus (HC): What organizations are you involved in?

Christine Goodwyne (CG): Right now I’m only involved with V89, which is a radio station here in Tallahassee. It takes up a lot of my time so it kind of makes it hard to take on anything else. I’m currently PR Director, Development Director and a DJ. I recently stopped writing for the Eggplant FSU, which was definitely one of the cooler things I’ve done.

HC: Nice! What are your plans after graduation?

CG: Good question! I have no idea. I think I’m just going to wing it. I went to the career center and asked them to tell me what to do with my life but that didn’t really work. I know what I’m interested in, but I’m not sure how any of it translates into jobs in the “real world.”

HC: You’re not alone on that. I’ve known you since high school and know you had a sick taste in music. Did you know then that you wanted to be involved in the distribution of music in college?

CG: Honestly no, I had no idea. I thought I would just stick to my schoolwork and not get involved with anything. Before V89 I was always too afraid to actually join things because certain people can really intimidate me and then I get way too shy.

HC: Well you’re killing it. Can you play any instruments?

CG: Yeah! I’ve been playing guitar since 5th grade and that’s definitely my main instrument. I actually started on piano, but that was kind of forced-- some of my family made me take lessons for years because they thought guitar was “for boys.” I also picked up banjo a few years ago which is extremely fun. I’ve been writing music with a very talented multi-instrumentalist for a few months now and we recently bought a drum set together, so I’ve been messing around on that a little 

Courtesy: Christine Goodwynne

HC: What are you interested in more, being a DJ, playing music or writing?

CG: This is impossible to answer! They are the three things that keep me from being a moderately miserable person. But if I had to choose, I would say playing music. Writing is extremely satisfying whenever I create something I really like, but whenever I can’t come up with anything I get way too stressed out and it kind of tortures me. Whenever I feel like crap about my writing, I turn to music and feel way better about myself.

HC: Who are some of your inspirations for all of your interests?

CG: I’ve never really thought about this question before. I had given up on writing music for a few years until I saw Chastity Belt play earlier this year, so I guess that was a source of inspiration.

HC: They’re so good! So, you’re actually in NYC right now for V89. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

CG: Yeah! Some V89ers got the amazing opportunity to go to New York for a week to represent WVFS Tallahassee at the CMJ Music Marathon. We’re going to some great informative panels during the day, and see all kinds of amazing music all over the city. This is the best thing I’ve ever done.

HC: Do you think you would make the move to NYC or any other big city after college? If so, where and why?

CG: I definitely have to live in a city after college. I really like big cities. NYC seems amazing to live in, but I’ve only been here for a few days so I don’t really know what I’m talking about.

HC: Their music scene is definitely alluring. What’s your dream job?

CG: If I was a little more talented, writing for the Onion would be amazing. Any kind of writing that involves comedy would be the most fulfilling. I’m happiest when I’m either writing things that make me laugh, or when I’m writing or performing music with my band-in-the-making. I just have too many amazing musicians in my family that have warned me to not actually pursue music performance as a career, so I’ll keep that as a hobby. Realistically I’m probably going to end up teaching high school.

HC: You never know, that could be you on KEXP! Do you have other hobbies you’d like to tell our readers about?

CG: I buy a lot of Hawaiian shirts and eat a lot of fast food and argue with people who tell me I should stop.

HC: *Laughs.* What’s your favorite fast food?

CG: Krispy Kreme original glazed donuts. People tell me that doesn’t count. I disagree.

HC: That 100 percent counts. Do you have a favorite artist or song at the moment?

CG: Honestly, I just saw Stealing Sheep play at Cake Shop here in NYC and it was everything I’ve ever wanted to hear.

HC: I’ll have to check them out. What’s your spirit animal?

CG: We’ll go with Eric Wareheim.