Here's Why You Should Make a Bullet Journal

My bullet journal has been one of the best and most entertaining investments of my time. It may seem daunting to create your own but once you do, chances are you will never look back! This is a list of some of my favorite page layouts to show the many ways you can channel your creative energy into starting one or to add some new elements to yours if you already do have one.

Weekly Spread

This is basically just a fancy word for a planner. This is one of the most popular uses for a bullet journal, and with good reason– the possibilities for weekly spreads are endless. You can do a simple design or get more creative with different colors and layouts. You get to have all of the control over how you want things laid out in order to plan your week and life out.

Courtesy: @being.karlyn on Instagram


Lots of Lists!

A big reason I switched from a store-bought planner to a bullet journal is that I am obsessed with making lists. Whenever I have a project I need to do, I like to break down every little component into a list, and the bullet journal allows plenty of space to do that, however, my creative mind desires. Some ideas for lists you could create are packing lists for when going on vacations or even chores to do around the house. These lists can be a great help with keeping you organized and motivated!

Diary for your thoughts

No matter what phase of life you are in, keeping some kind of journal to monitor your thoughts and feelings can be beneficial for personal growth. Between the self-reflection and page decorating, bullet journals make this whole experience pretty therapeutic. Though I am a busy college student, I try to take a few minutes every once in a while to write about something that was meaningful to me, and it really helps clear up my thought process.

Tracking your habits

A bullet journal can also serve as a way to keep track of things that are important to you. Some types of trackers are mood trackers and monthly habit trackers to help you keep tabs on how many days of the month you did something such as exercising or drinking enough water. It’s pretty easy to remember to update your tracker daily because it is in the same place as your planner, so you will likely have it within reach most of the time.


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Favorite quotes

This may seem cheesy, but jotting down quotes that inspire you is an amazing way to add some positivity to your life. You can keep it simple or add color and design to it which can be helpful in a way similar to keeping a diary.


Courtesy: Calista Flores


Goal Keeping

A bullet journal is a super convenient place to record both short and long-term goals. Because your planner is in the same book, you can always refer back to your goals and even check how long you have left or how long it took you to meet them. It is also important to make note of the goals that you have accomplished to remind yourself of what you are capable of and to be able to push yourself to reach for the stars!


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