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Here’s What We Know About Demi Lovato and Former Bachelorette Contestant Mike Johnson’s Relationship

Mike Johnson stole America’s heart night one of Hannah Brown’s season with his smile and overall good vibes. However, after a long journey, Hannah Brown sent Mike home. Weeks later, as America’s favorite contestants so often do, Mike ended up on a beach in Mexico for the filming of Bachelor in Paradise. In Paradise, he explored multiple relationships, only to leave the island alone. 

While the season aired, the hashtag #MikeForBachelor trended as Mike captivated hearts with his gentle charm. But despite the love, producers ended up going another way. When interviewed by ET, Mike admitted he thought his chances were unlikely from the start because former runner-up Peter Weber would bring “a good, safe clean season” and that he “looks the part” of Bachelor.

Although Johnson wasn’t selected as Bachelor, what you might not know, is that after he left Paradise, he had a new love interest on the horizon.

While The Bachelorette was on the air, Demi Lovato fangirled over Mike and had even posted that she would accept Mike’s rose (shown below).

Courtesy: Bustle

Fans went crazy over her reaction and made Mike very aware of the situation.

On Jul. 1, Mike tweeted about his search for his future wife, and ended with the question, “Where u hiding”. Lovato’s fans were quick to play matchmaker and tagged Demi saying, “it’s your chance demi”.

Courtesy: Instagram (@adoresdevonne)

Demi responded eagerly in capital letters saying, “I’M RIGHT HERE MIKE I’M RIGHT HERE BOO MY MOM ALREADY LOVES YOU”.

Then, when he was officially single, the flirting began.

On Sept. 5, Demi shared an unedited bikini pic for #nationalcelulliteday.

Courtesy: Instagram (@ddlovato)

Among the 321K comments she received on that photo, Mike Johnson (@mikejohnson1_) left a comment that stood out to bachelor nation in which he wrote, “Look at me like that again” followed by a grinning emoji.

Fans were left wondering what this meant: were they just messing around or could this be a real thing?

This relationship would be a big deal for Lovato, who hasn’t publicly dated much since her almost six-year-long relationship with Wilmer Valderrama ended in 2016. And, with bachelor nation disappointed Mike didn’t find love in Paradise, this turn of events wouldn’t be so bad for them either.

Fortunately, questions were answered this past Friday when singer Demi Lovato and Mike Johnson were spotted on a dinner date in Beverly Hills. According to Hollywood Life,  “Demi couldn’t stop laughing”. So, one could guess there might be another date to come.

Hopes are high for this couple, from Mike’s fans and friends alike. Wells Adams, who has recently engaged to Sarah Hyland, even joked:

Courtesy: Twitter (@WellsAdams)

The future of Mike and Demi is a bit unknown but, in the meantime, we will wait for the next Instagram post to go up and the flirty comments to roll in.


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