Here’s Something New to Add to Your Queue

This has been such a good year for music since so many artists have stepped up their game recently. To help you stay on top of all the latest albums, I've hand-picked a list of some of the best new tracks across genres (in my personal opinion.) From the folksy sounds of Delta to the synth-pop melodies of Glory Sound Prep, there are so many awesome new albums. Bear with me—I’m about to go full music nerd here.

Jon Bellion: Glory Sound Prep

Courtesy: 1604ent


In his newest record, Bellion brings the heat with 10 new tracks. If you like artists such as Marc E. Bassy or Quinn XCII, you’ll probably enjoy his sound too. Glory Sound Prep is great for anything from sitting in your room to working out. He retains his unique style with this record, infusing his music with hip-hop beats and synthesized-pop melodies.

I personally like almost all the songs on this one, but if you’re looking for specific recommendations, be sure to listen to “Conversations with my Wife,” “Blu,” “Couples Retreat” and “Stupid Deep.”

Anderson .Paak: Oxnard

Courtesy: DJBooth


If you’re into hip-hop or rap, be sure to check this album out. Paak features artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg and J.Cole, which allows for a diverse collection of different beats. Some tracks have R&B and soul infused in them which makes for a cool, original sound.

I would specifically recommend "Tints," "Trippy" and "Cheers." The entire album is worth a listen in my book since each track is so different.

Mumford and Sons: Delta

Courtesy: Consequence of Sound


In the folk music genre, these guys are back at it with their fourth full album. They are also pretty self-explanatory since they are one of the leading bands in their genre currently. If you’ve never heard of them you probably would recognize some of their older songs from the radio like “Little Lion Man” or “I Will Wait.”

On this album, I would recommend "Guiding Light" and "Beloved."

Jeremy Zucker: summer,

Courtesy: Beyond the Stage 


This EP is full of great music to chill out with. Deemed “introspective indie electronica” by Spotify, Jeremy Zucker has a unique sound to him that translates really well into his records. Some of his tracks might be compared to Khalid’s music, yet Zucker's have more of an acoustic tune to them. He is also similar to Jon Bellion and lists him as one of his main influences. Be sure to listen to the tracks "comethru" and "selfish." Another great track is "Stay With Me," a collaboration with Zucker and ayokay.

Some worth-listening-to singles that dropped recently:

Rita Ora: “Velvet Rope”

This is a great pop song with a mix of acapella and just a dash of early Beyoncé. It’s a little repetitive, but super catchy and it makes me kind of want to start a live musical number when I’m listening to it, even in public.

Bad Suns: "Away We Go"

This alternative rock group is full of good vibes and this song is no exception. This would be the perfect song to listen to on a summer road trip.

“Skizzy Mars: RU OK?”

Some of you may have seen this artist earlier this year when Skizzy visited Tallahassee in concert. He has a lot of good older tracks including “Time” featuring G-Eazy. This new track is pretty good, too—it’s super catchy. I would add it to my playlist because I enjoy his style of laid-back hip hop.

Lennon Stella: “La Di Da”

This song brings some serious vibes and I’m living for it. A mix of electronic, pop and indie, it’s sort of similar to music by Louis the Child.