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Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson Collection

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

If there are any two people on the internet that know about conspiracies and controversies it would be Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson. Jeffree and Shane seemingly grew closer throughout and shortly after their original docu-series, The Secret World of Jeffree Star was released in 2018. Since then, the two influencers have collaborated on various occasions through each other’s YouTube channels, but it was time for them to kick it up a notch.

Word of their second documentary series first spread across social media following a post on Shane’s Instagram with a caption reading “New year. New tea.” Fans instantly picked up on the potentially hidden message and flooded social media with predictions. Among them, some fans suspected an upcoming makeup collaboration. Needless to say, they were not disappointed.

Courtesy: Seventeen

Their new series was teased on Sep. 23, with the trailer being released the next day. The five-part series was released periodically afterward, with the final episode revealing the entire collection just days before the launch on Nov. 1. This time around, the series focused on the process Shane and Jeffree underwent while creating their collaboration, as well as personal matters that arose in the midst of their journey, such as the passing of Jeffree’s dogs and Shane’s engagement to his boyfriend, Ryland Adams. But the star of the show ended up being the makeup collection itself.  

The Jeffree x Shane collection features the signature Conspiracy Palette, the Mini Controversy palette, six liquid lipsticks, a signature gloss, a lip ammunition, and a wide variety of merch. The new Shane Dawson merch was released halfway through the series and sold out just hours into its launch, this would prelude the launch of their makeup collaboration range.

Courtesy: Jeffree Star Cosmetics

The entire Jeffree x Shane collection was released on Nov. 1 through Jeffree Star Cosmetics and Morphe. According to TubeFilter, approximately one million palettes were sold in just 30 minutes. Since then, a restock has been announced for early 2020, as well as the collection remaining a permanent addition to Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

Considering the massive media coverage revolving around this launch, the reviews were highly anticipated. As of now, the reviews seem to be pretty balanced. That being said, it seems the beauty community on YouTube is satisfied with the products, but particular reviews online from other sources claim the collection fell a bit short of the expectation. Namely, Insider published a review written by Amanda Krause, claiming she “can’t help but wonder if anyone would actually purchase these products if they didn’t have Star and Dawson’s names on them.” Overall, the response is overwhelmingly positive, especially after such a long wait.

Fans are buzzing about these products, as well as still itching to get their hands on them. With all the work that went into creating and promoting this collection, it doesn’t come as a shock that it did as well as it did. These products seem to demonstrate fan support, as well as a tangible product and addition to the beauty community.

What comes next? For Star and Dawson, there are more projects to be seen, but for now, they can bask in the overwhelming success of their best-kept secret.

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