Here Are The New Shows Coming to Netflix in April

We can all agree that coming back to school after Spring Break is one of the hardest things we have to do in our college career. One week is not nearly enough time to recover from the horror that is midterms. Just when we’re getting comfortable and having a decent time, we are thrown back into our early classes, rigorous exams and multiple extracurriculars. On top of all of that, we have to come back to school knowing we have no days off or holidays to look forward to any time soon—just full weeks of long classes and probably a lot of exams.

If you’re a senior, you come back knowing that you have a mere six weeks until you are forced to go into the real world and suddenly become an adult overnight. Everyone is stressed because we know finals are lurking upon us and will be here before we know it. But, fear not, because Netflix is here to help us forget about all of our responsibilities. With a new month comes new movies and series that you may have forgotten about until now. So, when you need to just take a break from reality and pretend that you don’t have a million and one things to do before the semester is over, Netflix has you covered to do just that with their new releases coming out in April.

“Kevin Hart: What Now?”

Coming out April 16, Kevin Hart’s documentary follows his performance in front of a 50,000-person audience at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. Hart’s documentary is sure to make you laugh for the entire hour and fifteen minutes (bonus: all that laughing will probably give you abs so you can skip the gym that day). The comedic performance is the perfect way to de-stress and forget all your worries for a couple hours.  




Season 1 of “Girlboss” is going to debut on Netflix April 21. The comedy follows Sophia Amaruso, a misfit who finds herself in a long string of boring jobs, but eventually finds her place in fashion and becomes a businesswoman. When the business eventually takes off, she has to grow with and learns very valuable lessons along the way. Of course, this Netflix original series is based off of the biography “#GIRLBOSS,” written by Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amaruso. If you’ve read the book, you’ll definitely want to catch the series. Bonus: you may find some inspiration if you’re going into the real world and trying to get a job or internship.



“Dear White People”

“Dear White People” is another new Netflix series that’s set to debut on Friday, April 28. The series is a satire that’s based on the 2014 movie “Dear White People.” The first series consist of ten thirty minute episodes. Set in a largely white prestigious college, a more diverse group of students are forced to deal with discrimination and other hardships. The series is a different type of show that has faced some controversy, so you’ll definitely want to tune in April to decide for yourself!