Her Story: I’ve Been Washing My Face With Honey For 6 Months

Yes, you read the title right. HONEY. I have been using honey — and only honey — to wash my face every morning and night for six months straight. I am a very earthy, holistic person, and for the most part I will go for anything natural. Heck, I even have my family ship me coconuts from the coconut trees back home because I only drink coconut water from the coconut.

But I have to admit, even I was skeptical about this when my mom first suggested it. I remember thinking, “honey is so sugary. How could it work?” However, after doing some research on all the benefits of honey I figured, why not? Plus my grandfather, who lives in Estonia, has a bee farm, so my grandparents always send us fresh, organic honey by the liter that we don’t know what to do with! For those of you who don’t have a local farmers market close by, I suggest you check out Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s and ask if they have fresh, raw, organic honey. It is SO important to make sure that it is raw honey, and there isn’t anything else put in it.

I first considered using honey to fight acne. I have never had horrible acne, just a few noticeable breakouts every now and then, but even dealing with that was getting old (and who doesn't want perfect skin?), so I was willing to try anything.

The Process:

When I first began using honey, it drastically calmed down my face. After only a month, I became a real believer — honey was my savior. I felt my skin becoming more balanced, and it wouldn’t get so red anymore when I washed it in the mornings or at night. I even went makeup-less over Christmas break a few times.

However, during the second and third months it got BAD. REALLY BAD. Way worse than my skin had been in a long time. I debated quitting, because I had to wear strong cover-up every day and it was beginning to make me self-conscious. In hindsight, my mom and I believe it was the honey just pushing out all the junk I had lodged in my pores from years of face washes, foundation, and stress.

Now in month four, my skin is starting to clear up again and I have never been more ecstatic! The only makeup I wear to class now is mascara and brow pencil, with an occasion spot of cover-up when I eat too much chocolate or am about to get my period. The honey has even worked to rid my skin of acne scars I had from forever ago!

I cannot stress enough what a believer I am in using raw, pure, organic honey as a face wash! My morning and night routine has literally been cut in half! Before, I would use a face wash that fought acne, then I would have to use a moisturizer to counteract how dry the face wash made my skin. Now, I just put some honey on my face, let it sit for 5-15 minutes, wash it off, and then get on with my day! If you have acne troubles, I suggest giving honey a try. In order to see the effects, commit to it for at least six months and don’t use any other face washes or moisturizers. I promise you the outcome is worth it, and summer is the perfect time to try! Good luck!