Hearth & Soul: Tallahassee’s Newest Shopping Wonderland

Brand new and ready for you to fall in love with it, Tallahassee’s newest shopping experience Hearth & Soul has officially opened its doors to the public. Located in the Market Square Plaza at 1410 Market Street, this new shopping and socializing haven is exactly what you’ve been waiting for. 

Hearth & Soul Grand Opening Sept. 1, 2015

Courtesy: Hearth & Soul

Picture this: Your dream home, complete with everything you’ve ever pinned to your “I NEED THIS RIGHT NOW” board (don’t be ashamed, we all have one), the most stunning clothes you’ve ever come in contact with and the most delectable olive oils and cheeses that you’ve tasted. Now, throw in some vintage Prada, countless candles, fresh flowers and everything else you could ever want and you have Hearth & Soul.

Once you walk through the double glass doors at Hearth & Soul, the possibilities are endless. The store is set up like a (really, really awesome) home. There’s a foyer, a mudroom, a kitchen, two closets, a bathroom, a patio and a living room and everything you see in them is for sale. Yes, everything. See a light fixture you adore? You can buy it then and there. Have to have the rug in the women’s closet? It’s yours. Can’t live without the self-serve coffee station? You can take the machine home with you! I know what you’re thinking— this sounds like a dream come true. Trust me, it is. And it’s right here in Tallahassee.

The Bathroom

Courtesy: Hearth & Soul

Hearth & Soul is the product of veteran Tallahassee businesswoman Susie Busch-Transou’s vision and the curating brilliance of her partner Jama Manning (pictured below). Susie dreams it up, Jama makes it happen. Whether that means tracking down a rare bottle of authentic Italian olive oil or scouring New York’s thrift meccas for vintage Prada bags, together, these ladies bring the most unique and desired finds from across the globe right here to our little corner of the world: Tallahassee, FL. The goal: to bring you just what you need to feed your soul.

Susie Busch-Transou and Jama Manning

Courtesy: Hearth & Soul

“What makes a house a home is what makes us more than a store. Revolutionizing retail and the way we gather and discover goods, Hearth & Soul is here to warm your heart and feed your soul,” said Susie Busch-Transou, Founder/CEO of Hearth & Soul. “It’s more than a shopping destination, it’s an inviting place to gather, connect, discover and acquire. It also is a place designed to be warm and welcoming and encourage you to slow down a bit - something we all need that is certainly good for the soul.”

Not only is Hearth & Soul a perfect place to buy gifts and treat yourself, it is also a place to connect. Community is at the center of Susie and Jama’s vision. With favorite quotes, pictures that feed the soul, fireside chats (there is a fireplace in the store!) and special events, Hearth & Soul celebrates life by highlighting what feeds the soul.

“The inspiration for Hearth & Soul came from a milestone celebration where I was asked to reflect on what feeds my soul,” explained Bush-Transou. “Some of the many answers— home, family, connecting people, fresh flowers, a wonderful cup of coffee in a favorite mug, beautiful touches – helped lead to the creation of Hearth and Soul.”

Courtesy: Hearth & Soul

With a nod to classic Southern hospitality, Hearth & Soul’s team aims to delight its customers by getting to know them, their likes and tastes and by simplifying shopping for multiple items. With that in mind, Hearth and Soul created its XO List— a fun way to curate your own personal registry of things that catch your eye, things you would love to add to your home, closet, kitchen, bath and (most importantly) soul.

Hearth and Soul’s redesigned patio offers a casual outdoor venue for private gatherings, from birthdays and anniversaries to informal meetings and cocktail parties. The patio can accommodate up to 50 guests for a cocktail style event. During cooler months, the patio’s fire pit will add warmth and atmosphere. Hearth & Soul is equipped with a prep kitchen for cateres as well as his and her restroom facilities.

Courtesy: Hearth & Soul

“Hearth & Soul provides the environment, hospitality and convenience of finding and filling many needs in one warm, inviting place,” Busch-Transou said. “We look forward to making many new friends, sharing a cup of coffee and hearing what feeds their souls.”

For more information about Hearth & Soul click here.


Courtesy: Hearth & Soul