Havana Oh No No: Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes Targeted in CupcakKe’s Twitter Rant

If you haven’t logged onto Twitter in the past few days you may not have heard of what many are calling the “Watergate Scandal of this generation. ” This scandal involves many well-known pop stars and all stemmed from the tweets of the female rapper, CupcakKe.

 CupcakKe is one of the most eccentric artists in today’s rap industry. Known for her provocative style and emphasis on sexual liberation through her very explicit lyrics, being daring has always been a major part of her brand. Since the beginning of her newfound fame, she has produced six albums which are full of tracks that continue to push the boundaries of mainstream rap. Even though being rebellious is nothing new to this female rap sensation, the tweets she made from this weekend still seemed to alarm stans all over social media.

On Saturday, Sep. 21, CupcakKe took to Twitter to announce “Your ‘fav’ that use to be in that lil pop group is racist but WBK.” Immediately Twitter users began to speculate just who that “fav” could be.

Courtesy: @ThePopHub on Twitter

To answer just who this mystery person was, CupcakKe added, “The one that’s dating the fine gay guy.” Singer Camila Cabello, known for her six-year membership in the female vocalist group Fifth Harmony and recent solo career, has been in the headlines lately for her relationship with fellow musician, Shawn Mendes. On social media, there are many who still seem to question Shawn Mendes’s sexuality and his identification of being ‘straight.’ Some problematic and racially insensitive posts of Cabello’s have recently surfaced as well, leaving Twitter users to conclude that these posts were directed toward none other than the "Havana" singer. 

Courtesy: @ThePopHub on Twitter

While it was made clear exactly who the rapper was shading, many were still left confused as to why CupcakKe was speaking on the topic in the first place. She had not been previously linked with either of the singers, and the information she presented was not necessarily news to these Twitter users. As if the previous tweets had not been shocking enough, CupcakKe took to Twitter yet again with this following statement that none of the fandoms involved were prepared for.

Courtesy: Reddit

The female rap star sent fans into a frenzy after the release of this tweet that basically had a Twitter moment written all over it. Fans from all over were baffled by the allegations made by CupcakKe of this alleged encounter she had with Shawn Mendes in spite of Camila Cabello and her controversial past.  

CupcakKe ended this Twitter thread, that many assumed to be about the “Señorita” duo, with a final statement that still left fans with so many questions.

Courtesy: @andrgarfields on Twitter

These comments stunned fans so much that they began to question if these bold claims were perhaps tweeted by a potential hacker or possibly for publicity of her newest single. While these tweets seemed to mark the end of CupcakKe’s social media outburst, she returned to the app shortly after, but this time, to take a stab at a different artist within the music industry.

Courtesy: @LOVEKIHYUNBITCH on Twitter

CupcakKe attacked K-Pop star Chungha after commenting on a video of her saying she and the other girls featured “CAN NOT DANCE FOR SH*T.” When the K-Pop stans of Twitter caught wind of the negative comments made about the South Korean singer, they started to come to her defense but it seemed like CupcakKe was confused about who exactly Chungha was. 

Courtesy: @LOVEKIHYUNBITCH on Twitter

Of course, this outraged fans even further because they felt it was unnecessary to mock her name and quite hypocritical of CupcakKe, especially after confronting Cabello’s insensitive comments earlier. At this point, practically every fan base was involved in this Twitter feud, and still many were left wondering what the point of these shocking statements was. 

It all clicked when CupcakKe logged onto Instagram and announced the retirement of her music career later that day in a tear-filled livestream that worried many. In the livestream, she announced that she was quitting music because she felt she was “corrupting the youth.” She also confessed that the tweets she had shared throughout the past few days were used for bringing awareness to the end of her career in music. CupcakKe announced that all of her records will be taken off of all streaming platforms to further her disappearance in the realm of music. 

As of now, all of CupcakKe’s social media platforms are deactivated and the social media world is still trying to make sense of this drama-filled weekend. It is safe to say that we should not be expecting a remake of “Señorita” featuring CupcakKe anytime soon, let alone any new music from her in the future.

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