Haunted Places to Visit in Tallahassee This Spooky Season

While it may be hard to believe October is already here, spooky season is upon us. With that being said, there’s a ton of things to do this October in Tallahassee. For those of you who like hair-raising things, here’s a list of haunted places to visit around the city and even on campus.

1. Calvin Phillips Mausoleum

The story behind this haunted spot is that Calvin Phillips built the first Mausoleum in the Oakland Cemetery during 1900. It’s rumored that after hiring a carpenter to build the burial site, Philips crawled inside, locked the door and never came out. Whether or not you believe the story, a ton of people recommend visiting this spot at least once before graduation.​

Courtesy: Phenominal Place


2. Velda Mound Park

Over the years, rumors have run rampant about this site. Locals claim to have seen Indian spirits sitting around a fire at night and a ghostly wolf prowl the premises. Some people insist they hear the wolf howl at night.

3. Old City Cemetery

Despite being the oldest cemetery in the city, this site may not be entirely haunted. However, some people have reported getting chills and seeing peculiar things take place. The most common site to see on this property is the tombstone of Elizabeth Budd Graham, a rumored witch.

4. Knott House Museum

Another local favorite is the Knott House Museum, located just a mile off campus. Supposedly, one day when taking a photographic inventory, an employee noticed a ghost appear in the photo. The picture is said to be hanging in the history museum and that the ghost continually roams the halls.​

Courtesy: Museum of Florida History


5. The Columns

The historic home dating back to 1830, now houses the James Madison Institute and is said to be flourishing with paranormal activity. Supposedly centered around the first floor, residents claim to see a woman walking into the fireplace.

6. Cawthon Hall at Florida State University

There are whispers of the fateful night that a student at the University, when it was still a women’s college, was locked on the roof of the building during a thunderstorm. Legend has it that her body wasn’t found until after she had been struck by a lightning strike. Another lesser-known story is that of the ghost of Tissie Cawthon, the same Cawthon the building was named after. Legend has it that her ghost occasionally roams the dorm halls, keeping a watchful eye on its residents.

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