Hard Hats and High Heels: Habitat for Humanity Event at FSU

International Women’s Day is a globally celebrated event that highlights and showcases the strides women have made in politics, economics, sciences and so much more. This year it falls on March 8, which fits right into Women’s History Month. Here at FSU, Habitat for Humanity has created an annual event to bring together some of the most powerful and influential females on campus. On March 19, 2016, Habitat will be hosting “Hard Hats and High Heels,” an event that fosters female empowerment and leadership.

Courtesy: Facebook

Habitat for Humanity will spend the day showing FSU professors how to build a home while instilling a sense of community. Through a step-by-step process over the course of the spring semester, members have been able to witness a house get built in its entirety. What begins as an empty field at the start of the semester ends with a home dedication at the end of spring, where the owner is awarded the keys to move in. Students love Habitat because they know they had a hand in creating that home. With this annual event, Habitat is inviting faculty to experience that same feeling.

Habitat for Humanity relies on both teamwork and individual hard work to get things done. This event is a huge success among faculty as it not only empowers women, but also highlights important lessons. This event reiterates the idea that not only women, but everyone can do so much more by working together, supporting each other and showing dedication to a cause. This build also teaches us the much needed lesson that everyone is equal by putting women in a characteristically male job. Phrases like “work like a man,” and “stop being so girly,” are constantly flung around, yet they are ultimately empty statements. “Hard Hats and High Heels” furthers the overall idea that anyone can contribute their time and help make a difference regardless of their gender, age or skill set.

The FSU chapter of Habitat for Humanity hopes to see this event grow over the next several years, to raise more money and to have an increasing number of women come out to the Tallahassee site. Their goal is to impact the community by helping to eliminate substandard housing and building more homes. As you can see, achieving this goal is contingent on finding a community of people who are willing to help.