A Guide to Throwing the Perfect Super Bowl in Your Small Apartment or Dorm

Whether you religiously watch football or still can’t point out which one the quarterback is, the Super Bowl is the perfect excuse for a party. But parties might not always seem like a practical answer when you live in a space smaller than the team lockers. Don’t worry I’ve got you covered, from what to eat to the perfect outfit, here’s how to throw the ultimate Super Bowl party:

Courtesy: Spencer Davis


Let’s face it, aside from commercials, the snacks are often the best part. Okay, maybe your kitchen isn't as stocked as Gordon Ramsey’s, but you can still make it work. If you're like me, you often cook to the joyful sound of the fire alarm; keep it simple. Don't worry about trying to make an elaborate spread. Instead, try a taco bar. Throw some rice in a rice cooker, or even get minute microwavable rice, put out some tortillas and toppings, and of course chips, and viola the perfect meal.  Feeling guilty about your New Year’s resolution? Swap out your dips and sour cream for Good Karma's plant-based alternative. Not only does it taste the same, but it's only 30 calories! Now, you won't have to get up at 5 am the next day and partake in a guilt-ridden five-mile run. And if you're 21+,  fill up your bar cart with some Super Bowl cocktails!


You might be wondering what decorations go into a Super Bowl. One word: TV. If your space is already small, adding decorations will make it feel overcrowded. Trust me; no one wants to be smushed up against some stranger they just met because the pinatas taking up too much room. Don't worry, your place can still be super cute. Rent a projector, (they’re free at FSU's libraries) string some Edison lights around the sheet, and you're good to go! Not only does it create a cute and cozy vibe, but it's perfect for watching the big game and commercials! If you do want more decorations, focus on the smaller things, like picking cute plates for your tacos or stringing streamers on your bar cart.


Inviting that cute person from Calculus class? There are lots of outfits you can choose from. Pair your team's jersey with a cute skirt. If you want to show more skin, wear an oversized jersey as a dress. You can also choose to go casual with ripped jeans and a cute sports hat or a fun game-day shirt. If you're not that into football, stick with your team's colors. Whatever you decide, make sure you feel confident!

 Courtesy: Matheus Ferrero

Don't forget…

If you live in an apartment, your complex might have weird parking rules. Make sure to encourage your guest to carpool, before the big day.

  • Still worried about burning your house down? Throw a potluck. Tell your friends to bring an assortment of their favorite snacks. Not only will it ease your nerves, but it's a fun way to get everyone involved.
  • Don't forget about the curfews. While it's great to have a good time if you live in a dorm, make sure you're respectful of the curfews. No touchdown is worth starting a feud with your neighbors.
  • Consider the outdoors; if your space is too small, you can set your projector up on your porch and watch the game from outside. Just make sure to bring out some blankets!
  • Most importantly... have fun! Try not to get too stressed out in making sure your party goes perfect; it's all about getting together with friends and having a good time.

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