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Gratitude During This Year’s Holiday Season

Almost every article you read in 2020 is the story of another tragedy, injustice, or concerning world event, but not today! With the holiday season coming up fast, here are some things that you can be grateful for, no matter what year it is. 

1. Your Pets.

two dogs running at sunset in a field
Photo by Alvan Nee from Unsplash

Whether they be dogs, cats, fish, or tigers, they love you and your presence and are always happy to see you! (even if they don’t show it)

2. Your Loved Ones.

Even if thinking about family relationships makes you reach for a glass of wine, you still have friends, co-workers and random strangers cheering you on. 

3. Your Life.

Right now, life is even more precious, considering all of the people who have lost their lives this year. Enjoy the small things and love yourself through it all. 

4. Good Food.

As a self-proclaimed foodie, the holiday season brings out the best food people have to offer. Thanksgiving stuffing, Christmas fudge, and all of the goodies in-between are worth being thankful for. 

5. Your Privileges.

If you live under a roof, be grateful. If you are able to provide for yourself and your family, be grateful. If you are employed, be grateful. We take these things for granted far too often, so take some time to give thanks. 

6. The Sun or Nature.

Valley of Heroes, Tjentište , Bosnia and Herzegovina
Nikola Majksner

The ability to soak in the sun, even as winter approaches, is the best feeling ever. 

7. Your Senses.

Being able to see, hear, smell, taste, and touch are taken for granted every day. Even if one of your senses is compromised, you still are able to take in the world through the others. Enjoy those facts.

8. Your Memories.

Being able to remember the silly facts you pick up or recalling important information for work or school are incredible abilities. Never forget those fond memories of loved ones are a gift. 

9. Exercise.

It may not be the most fun thing you can do, but it is a great stress reliever and helps maintain your body. Be grateful that you can exert those muscles and run away from your problems for a bit. 

10. Your Personality.

The little quirks that make you, you, are the best parts of being human. Embrace your love of pickles or your tendency to laugh at the small things, those parts of you are equally as cool as the rest of you. 

11. The Future.

The options you have are endless! You can choose to do whatever you want because it’s the future!

12. Your Bed.

Adam Winger via Unsplash

Wherever it is, whether it be a hammock between two trees, or a king bed in a castle, your comfy space to sleep is so valuable, I know I love mine. 

13. Your Faith.

Whether it be in God, spirituality, or nothing at all, you have faith in something. For some people, faith is found in other people, and for othersother, it is in their religion, but faith is valuable and should always be something we give thanks for. 

14. Your Comfort Food, Television Show, Movie, Person or Book. 

Finding comfort in something is so important and can help ground us after a stressful day. I regularly express gratitude for my ability to get my comfort Mexican food. 

15. Change.

Although some people are fonder of change than others, we will all be grateful for change, once COVID-19 is under control and we can get back to how life was before. 

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Morgan is a senior at Florida State University, majoring in International Affairs and Political Science. She is originally from the Atlanta area but loves to travel in America and internationally. She spends most of her time studying, spending time with her dog, and working at her part-time jobs. Morgan is motivated to end mass incarceration, inequality, and global issues, and hopes to run for an elected position one day.
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