Gordon Ramsay Reacts to the Food at Suwannee Room

Last week Twitter was in a buzz on Florida State University’s campus after a tweet exchange between Chef Gordon Ramsay and an FSU student went viral. In the Tweet shared by Florida State student Nick Kaul, he shows an image of his dinner that he received at Suwannee Dining Hall with the caption, “Gordon, how does my school cafeteria’s pork loin look?” to which Ramsay responded in a tweet stating, “Shut it down!” These are the words Ramsay is commonly heard saying on his television show Hell’s Kitchen where he never hesitates to shut down any chef that is not up to par. 

Courtesy: Twitter (@nickkaul_)


The well-known Chef Ramsay is no stranger to criticizing food as can be seen on his popular cooking shows like Hell’s Kitchen and MasterChef just to name a few. With a huge background in the culinary field, he has created a successful career with his many restaurants, television shows, cookbooks and his ability to be the most brutally honest chef on television. His fiery temper and controversial commentary towards the contestants on his shows is what has caused him to be a household name. Although many would be fearful in the position of a contestant, watching these shows in the comfort of their own home allows for this sort of situation to be popular entertainment by viewers. 

Suwanee has gone through renovations recently as the grand re-opening was in July 2018. With the renovations, the first thing that is notable is the new bright interior with an open kitchen atmosphere that gives the historical dining hall a fresh look all while containing its original character. Even more importantly, the food at the dining hall has also faced updates. Florida State University News reported Seminole Dining’s promises of “high-quality restaurant samples” and “a dining experience that takes customers on a food journey, where they can enjoy meals in a great environment.” Though these statements cannot be disregarded because of the viral Tweet, it has caused a stir in students to make light of the situation as reactions to the Tweet happened quickly.

Although the Twitter exchange was lighthearted, it did start conversations about the food served in the dining hall which warranted a statement from Seminole Dining. In response to the viral tweet, Seminole Dining made a comment in a tweet stating, “Thank you for taking the time to bring this to our attention. While we strive to satisfy every customer, sometimes we fall short. We apologize for any inconvenience this created. Bringing service issues to our attention immediately will help us eliminate future reoccurrences.”

As college students, one of the first things you learn is that when it comes to having a meal plan and eating at the dining hall there will always be good days and bad days. One day you could be delighted by pepperoni pizza, while the next your plate of food could look like Kaul’s. But one thing to remember is that no amount of dry pork can stop you from getting the education that college is all about and more importantly, there is always takeout!