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Goodbye Sweaters, Hello Tank Tops: My Summer Style Go-To’s

Final exams are coming to an end, the UV index is above five and hot coffees are turning iced. Summertime is just around the corner and with that comes the easy, breezy fashion of the hot season. Summer fashion is all about feeling comfortable under the sun while playing with colors and light materials. Time to put away your sweaters until fall and welcome in those shorts that haven’t seen the light of day since last summer. The heat might be drab, but these summer style go-to’s are fab.

Mini dresses

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Mini dresses are the essential clothing item for your summer wardrobe. There are so many ways to style a mini dress to fit your summer adventures. Throw a dress over your swimsuit for a day at the beach with a lunch date after. Pair it with sneakers for a walk around the city. Add some heels for a luxurious picnic with your girlfriends. Mini dresses of all patterns from floral to bandana are the perfect balance between comfort and cute. Not to mention, you don’t have to worry about what shorts or what shirt to pair with it because it is one piece ready to wear. This pastel mini dress from Princess Polly is perfect for the days you want to dress up or dress down.

Hair scarves

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Accessories always complete an outfit and for summer, my go-to hair accessory is hair scarves. I am no hair stylist by any means, so hair scarves are a simple way to change up my everyday hair with little effort. For the days where the sun is beating down, wear your hair in a high ponytail with the hair scarf wrapped around the pony for an added touch of fun. On the days you want to give a cottage core moment, wear the hair scarf around your head and tie it underneath with a few pieces in the front. You can wear them with your hair up or down, and you can wear a patterned hair scarf, a silk hair scarf or a pastel hair scarf. The options are endless.

Now, the great thing about hair scarves is that they aren’t limited to the hair. If you purchase a big enough hair scarf, you can use it as a cute, trendy summer top. This gives you a light, fun and stylish top with a multipurpose. YouTuber Rachspeed can help you with 10 ways to style silk hair scarves as a top. Hair scarves combine with another one of my fav fashion trends, tie tops, to make my go-to top of choice for all my summer activities. If you ever need inspiration for how to style hair scarves, make your way to Pinterest; it never fails. Let’s bring back scarves for summer ’21!


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Whether they are short or long, maxi or midi, or silk or sheer, skirts are the pinnacle of summer fashion. Skirts make you look put together without all the effort. There are so many different textures, colors and lengths to fit any aesthetic. On the days you want to be girly, but comfy, opt for midi skirts with your favorite band tee or baby tee and sneakers. For those beach photoshoots, grab a maxi skirt and your favorite bikini and be the star of the beach. For a day in the city, grab a cute, thin blouse and your favorite floral mini skirt to look hot without the summer sun making you hot. Skirts blur the lines between luxe and comfort or classy and casual and when it comes to summer, we need that versatility. This skater skirt from Forever 21 is the perfect option for the days you want to ditch the jeans shorts and add more flavor to your everyday wear.

Wide-leg pants

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I am obsessed with the wide-leg pant trend and it doesn’t feel right if I don’t carry it onto my summer looks. Wide-leg corduroy or denim pants were the statement piece of fall and winter. I am not ready to let that statement go away, so for the summer, we are opting for the lightweight silk or cotton version of wide-leg pants. These loose pants are the perfect piece to pair with a bathing suit top, tank top, baby tee, T-shirt or even a hair scarf top. Even though they are pants, their lightness gives you comfort. The looseness adds movement as you walk in the sand or even just around your house. You can dress them up or dress them down to find your go-to summer pant look. For my minimalist ladies, opt for a solid color wide-leg, such as this sage green one from H&M, and pair with a top of that same color for a show-stopping, monochromatic moment.

Summer fashion is all about feeling comfortable in your own skin. Find what works for you. Maybe a maxi skirt or mini dress will let you live your Outer Banks fantasy, or maybe you want to keep it casual with jean shorts and a tank top. Hot girl summer is just around the corner, so the fashion pieces that will make you feel the best will make you look the best. Find your summer style go-to’s and start checking items off of that summer bucket list!

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Hannah is a Writer for Her Campus and a Staff Writer for HCFSU. When she’s not writing, you can find her reading, or rewatching her comfort shows (Friends, The Vampire Diaries, or Gossip Girl) for 20th time!
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