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Goldlink to Perform at Potbelly’s

Tallahassee seems to always have exciting upcoming events; I suppose it’s only right in a college town that never sleeps! Coming to Tallahassee live in April is none other than Goldlink, an up-and-coming hip-hop entertainer that you may have heard of. Commonly sporting a casual tucked in t-shirt, fitted jeans, sneakers, his signature nose ring and a fresh fade, his humble and incredibly nonchalant demeanor render a meek testimony of his incredible talent.

Born D’Anthony Carlos, the 24-year-old rapper showed the world a glimpse of what he had up his sleeves in his major debut album, At What Cost. He is one of those artists that you can’t quite put into one particular frame or genre and you can’t accurately compare him to another artist because his sound is a combination of many sounds. To hear it in person is to see exactly what I mean when I say this—it’s truly unique.

Courtesy: Goldlink

Goldlink is scheduled to perform at Potbelly’s, located at 459 W College Ave, on April 19, blessing us local mortals with his presence. Take a minor leave from main-stream music and just give one of his songs a listen (if you haven’t yet already). Among some of his most popular hits are “Rough Soul” and “Crew.” If either, or better yet, if both of these songs attract you, there is no reason for you not to seize the opportunity and view him live in performance!

Tickets are available on sale here for as cheap as $20. Not many seats are left, so while the opportunity lasts, secure both your seat and your friend’s seat because you know you won’t go alone.

It is a perfect way to kick off 4/20 (which is just the Friday following Thursday, April 19, of course, nothing more) and it is at a reasonable price. If you have never been to Potbelly’s, this is definitely your golden opportunity to go because not only will you most likely be around the positive vibes of people you enjoy hanging with, you will also be in the company of a very talented and acclaimed musician.

Goldlink’s aura and appearance make you feel like you can instantly relate to him—and you can. His lyrics have a laid-back, soulful sound that is capable of mesmerizing his audience and putting them in a trance that only he can break again. It would be no surprise if you were to become a fan of his after this performance—he tends to do that to doubters. Save the date, mark your calendar, request off of work—do whatever you have to do, but you do not want to miss this performance. This is his At What Cost Florida Tour and who’s to tell when it will come around again?!

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