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A Glimpse into the World of Performing Arts with Peter Lynch

Name: Peter Lynch

Year: Senior

Major: Theatre

Hometown: Saint Petersburg, Florida

Courtesy: Libby Danforth

Her Campus (HC): Tell me about how you decided to major in theatre here at FSU?

Peter Lynch (PL): I always had a passion for art as a kid. I loved dressing up in costumes and impersonating my favorite characters, but I never seriously considered it as a career. While taking IB classes in high school, I found creative outlets as well. I filled the gaps in my schedule with drawing, pottery, guitar and dance, to name a few. Finally, I think the school play senior year was what sold me; the rush of standing in front of the audience, the freedom to play and something I was willing to spend hours pouring my heart into. It was a perfect blend of hard work and passion! And I knew if I wanted to take my next step, my passions would be a good place to start.

HC: Following your passion is such an important thing to do and it's great that you are making strides to do so. What productions have you been a part of in your college career?

PL: I've stuck more to straight plays, mostly blackbox and immediate theatre, where the audience surrounds the stage for an up-close experience. Two of my favorite productions were Annie Baker's "The Aliens" and Noah Haidle's "Mr. Marmalade." I've also been a part of original works written by fellow students, which is amazing because it’s an opportunity for students to create something freely outside of academia. "Jurassic Park: The Musical" and "John and Irene Killed a Guy" are two hysterical works I’m glad to have been a part of. My last role at FSU was as the UPS Guy in Legally Blonde, which was a very slapstick and enjoyable role to be a part of. Trying my hand at singing in the ensemble was a valuable experience too.

HC: Let me just say that "Jurassic Park: The Musical" was hilarious! So out of all of your roles, which one would you say was your favorite?

PL: My favorite role was probably Jasper in "The Aliens," produced by the Student Theatre Association. It was my first role at FSU and with a cast of three and a talented director. I think I learned the most about myself and how I needed to grow with Jasper than anyone else.

HC: How did you get involved with the FSU circus?

PL: As a theatre major, I've learned to appreciate a wide range of art forms. While I have worked on stage plays, musicals, films and devised work, I always enjoy new experiences and testing my limits. When I saw the FSU Circus show last spring, I was blown away by not only the vivacious theatricality of it, but also the sheer athleticism—it was insane! Seeing the trapeze artists flying through the air was a side of performance I never thought I could be a part of. But I trained all summer to get in shape and auditioned the next time around. Best decision I have made all year!

HC: That sounds incredible! What is your role in the circus?

PL: I do the roller skating adagio and quartet adagio. Roller skating is a lot like figure skating without the ice. It's a partner act with a guy and a girl, where the guy spins in a circle until the girl lifts off of the ground. It is a super fast-paced act with a wide variety of spins and tricks. Quartet is more similar to gymnastics. Two guys swing a girl by her hands and feet into a variety of flips, pitches and layouts. A third guy catches her out of the air. Our most intense trick is probably human jump rope, which is exactly what it sounds like. Both acts involve a lot of trust, patience and communication between partners and take a lot of blood and sweat to get right!

HC: Wow, it sounds like a lot of work! When can people see you in the circus?

PL: The circus runs on April 1, 2, 8, 9, 10, 15 and 16. Make sure to get your tickets in time!

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