To the Girl Spending Valentine’s Day Alone for the First Time in Years…

Here it is, the day you have been dreading for months (as if the holidays weren’t hard enough). 

Courtesy: Tumblr 

For those who are celebrating alone this year, whether it be alone for the first time in a long time (like myself) or alone for another year: appreciate that there is a day made for love (and that there will be so much candy on sale on Feb. 15).

Courtesy: Tumblr

A perk of being in a relationship is that you were never alone for the holidays. You always had someone to do all the corny Valentine’s Day things with while all your friends made jokes about how much they hate this stuff. But this year it’s different, and I’m here to tell you that’s okay! Maybe you didn’t picture yourself being alone on Valentine’s Day this year but life happens and you need to wake up with a smile and be happy!

Feel grateful for the past relationships you’ve had, but also feel grateful that you get to experience another year and another Valentine’s Day. Be grateful because you made it another year in life, which is an accomplishment in itself.

Don’t let the stigma of the day deter you from having a fun night with your friends, yourself or your family. All it is is a day of love; it doesn’t demand romantic love. It can be family love, friendship love or even a love for a pet! Take this day and call your friends and family to remind them how much you love them. Holidays are supposed to bring you together with the people that matter. It is not a holiday to exclude single people! Just because this year is different does not mean it’s not special. Cherish these experiences because life is quickly going by, and this year counts just as much as last year did.