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The Girl Around Campus – Meet Micah Biana

For me, coming to Florida State two years ago was a huge change. I was a scared freshman and had no idea what to expect. I walked into orientation and Micah was the first person I met- she was my orientation leader. She was so sweet and was extremely involved in school and when I got the chance to interview her for Campus Celebrity I jumped right on it!

Her Campus (HC): Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Micah Biana (MB): I was born in Manila, Philippines, but I was raised in South Florida. I’m double majoring in Management and Human Resource Management. On campus, I’m currently a second year RA in Reynolds Hall and I am the Outreach Coordinator on the Marketing Team for Campus Recreation. I’m also an active brother in a business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi, and a member of the Garnet and Gold Key Leadership Honorarium. In the past, I’ve been involved with student government and was a 2012 Orientation Leader. I volunteer at Engage Church and I love my faith family there. This semester I’m also part of Beyond Borders: Jamaica. It’s a unique exchange program offered through the Center for Global Engagement. Myself and 11 other students will be spending our spring break there at the University of West Indies. I love photography, coffee, food, traveling, and you’ll probably find me around campus on my longboard!

HC: Can you elaborate on what you do as the Outreach Coordinator?

MB: We promote awareness, organization events, and wellness opportunities available for students at campus recreation! Around 74% of our student body uses our facilities; from the Leach to the Rez to intramural teams and trips with Outdoor Pursuits… we’re here to let everyone know what’s available to them and to really just educate people in the importance of fitness and healthy lifestyles.

HC: I know you like to travel, so what has been your favorite place to visit (so far)?

MB: My favorite place I’ve visited is Madrid! The culture, people, food, nightlife… I enjoyed everything. I actually got an amazing opportunity to travel to Europe this past summer with my boyfriend and we visited around nine countries. I love to travel because I get to discover this beautiful world and everything it has to offer. There’s so much out there I want to see, there are so many people I want to meet, and so many adventures I want to go on. You learn a lot about yourself and look at life from a completely different point of view.

HC: What is your favorite part about being in Tallahassee?

MB: I love Florida State! That’s definitely my favorite part about Tallahassee. I love everything about being a Seminole and I definitely bleed garnet and gold. A lot of times I’ll be walking to class and just stop to look at everything around me. This campus is absolutely beautiful and so are the people. I mean last month we won a National Championship AND had a snow day. We’re so relevant right now! Being able to attend this university is such a blessing. “Striving e’er to seek to know, fight for victory.” Go Noles.

HC: Do you have any advice for incoming freshman?

MB: Please take advantage of all the opportunities offered to you here. Apply for things, join clubs, find your passions, get a mentor, meet lifelong friends, and reflect on the person you want to be post-grad. The time we spend in college is so paramount to our development and its only four years! You might think you don’t have time to do much, but you’re free now more than you’ll ever be. Laugh often and surround yourself with people who challenge you to be the best version of yourself.

As you can see, Micah is very involved here at FSU. She mentioned an article from Thought Catalog which quotes, “Be the girl who travels as it reiterates your independent, free, and radiant spirit. Prove to yourself (and the world) that you can do anything. And that you will do anything…” I think that quote describes this ambitious lady to the tee!

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