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Get Ready for The Office’ Trivia by Looking Back at the 25 Best Moments

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Here comes treble! This Wednesday, March 21, Brass Tap on Gaines St. will be hosting the trivia night we’ve all been waiting for – The Office trivia. Arguably one of the best shows – if not the best show – to ever air on television, The Office ran for nine seasons starting in 2005 and ending in 2013. If you haven’t seen the show, (which, if you haven’t, you need to asap) The Office is a mockumentary on a group of office employees working for a paper company in Scranton, Pennsylvania called Dunder Mifflin. With a typical workday filled with ego clashes, absolute nonsense, and inappropriate behavior that any human resource employee would deem unethical, The Office is everything but an average day at the office thanks to the “world’s best boss,” Michael Scott. So, brush up on all those pranks Jim ever pulled on Dwight, Michael Scott’s best “that’s what she said” moments and maybe finally find out what Creed does at Dunder Mifflin with these 25 best moments from the hit show.

1. When Michael drove into a lake because a GPS told him to.

 Courtesy: Twitter

2. Ryan started the fire.

  Courtesy: GIphy  

3. “Dinner Party” is one of the most uncomfortable episodes, but it’s still one of our favorites.

And how could we forget the weirdest moment of the episode: when Jan played her assistant Hunter’s song that was clearly about them sleeping together.

 Courtesy: The Odyssey

4. That time Michael grilled his foot on his George Foreman Grill.

And expected everyone to drop everything to be at his side.

 Courtesy: The Odyssey

5. Hardcore Parkour!

  Courtesy: Giphy

6. Kelly’s Valentine’s Day Card.

Because whose favorite Valentine isn’t their dentist?

 Courtesy: Pinterest

7. Michael signing up for online dating with the username “LittleKidLover.”

Even though he had good intentions, this is definitely something only Michael Scott would do.

 Courtesy: Brain Fall

8. The episode “Safety Training” gave use one of our favorite lines to date.

“Dwight, you ignorant slut.”

 Courtesy: Reddit

9. Kevin dropping his chili he stayed up all night to make.

  Courtesy: Giphy 

10. When Michael clearly had no boundaries and started dating Pam’s mom.

 Courtesy: Pinterest

11. When Michael bought 15 bottles of vodka for the office Christmas party.

And asked whether or not it was enough to get 20 people plastered.

Courtesy: Giphy

12. Café Disco.

 Courtesy:&nbsp Giphy 

13. That time Michael “accidentally” got high at an Alicia Keys concert.

 Courtesy: Pinterest

14. When Michael wore a woman’s suit to work.

 Courtesy: Post Grad Problems

15. “The Scarn” in Michael Scott’s original film, ‘Threat Level Midnight.’

 Courtesy: Giphy

16. That time Pam felt God in Chili’s.

And proceeded to get banned from every Chili’s.

 Courtesy: Giphy 


17. Meredith on Casual Friday.

 Courtesy: Pinterest

18. Jim and Pam’s Wedding.

And this was the exact moment where we all wished we could find our own Jim Halpert.

 Courtesy: Buzzfeed

19. That time Michael hit Meredith with his car.

 Courtesy: WiffleGif

20. Every prank Jim has ever pulled on Dwight.

Starting with the time he put his stapler in Jell-O to even faking his own murder in Tallahassee and framing Dwight for it, each prank was solid gold.

 Courtesy: Buzzfeed

21. When Michael didn’t know Toby came back from Costa Rica.

 Courtesy: Giphy

22. Diversity Day.

 Courtesy: Pinterest

23. That time Darryl got so drunk he passed out at the office Christmas party in the episode “Dwight Christmas.”

Honestly, is this not all of our moods?’

 Courtesy: YouTube

24. The entire episode of ‘Stress Relief Part 1.”

From the havoc Dwight caused in his fire safety drill to the CPR lesson, how could you not love this episode?

 Courtesy: Tumblr

25. Michael’s cameo in the season finale for Dwight’s wedding.

Because we all needed that one last “that’s what she said.”

 Courtesy: Farce the Music

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