Get Hyped for This Year's Grammy Award Winning Warchant Performer

On Nov. 15, Florida State’s ears will be blessed by the vocals of a singing goddess known as Solange Knowles. Solange will be headlining this year’s Warchant which will be held at the Donald L. Tucker Civic Center.

Warchant has been a staple of FSU’s homecoming week since 2003 and has hosted several other stars including Pitbull, Florida Georgia Line, and Chance the Rapper. From rap to country and now alternative, Warchant has done a great job of showcasing a variety of musical styles and continues to uphold that tradition. Considering the fact that the event has attracted more than 8,000 each year, students seem to continuously enjoy it. But why Solange? What sets her apart from all of the other talented musicians in the industry?

The year 2017 was Solange’s year. Her album A Seat at the Table was released back at the end of September in 2016. She had been writing for it since 2008 and officially started recording it in 2013. This album was a hit; it was Solange’s first number one on Billboard 200 and she sold around 50,000 copies of it. She won her first Grammy after her first nomination for the album's lead song, “Cranes in the Sky” in October of 2016. From then on, she performed on Saturday Night Live, in Madison Square Garden, and even at the White House. She was on the cover of Teen Vogue, for which she wrote an article based on a letter to her teenage self, and Glamour, which named her one of their women of the year.

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Solange’s full name is Solange Knowles Smith (keyword: Knowles). Solange and Beyonce are sisters, so it isn’t that surprising that their music does seem to focus on the same topics. Both sing about race as well as prejudice. This can be heard in Beyonce’s “Formation” and Solange’s “Don’t Touch My Hair”. What sets them apart is the way they portray what they sing about. Beyonce’s style tends to be more pop, while Solange’s is a bit funkier. Yet, both of their styles work for their individual selves and gets their message across. In the state of Florida, we have seen the many white supremacist groups and/or other hate groups attempt to disrupt college campuses with their presence. By having a singer like Solange perform at this year’s Warchant, it sends a clear message that FSU is a safe haven for diversity.

While FSU homecoming is geared towards its students, there will tickets available for the general public as well as for Florida A&M University and Tallahassee Community College. Tickets for FSU students can be bought with an FSUHC code and are $16, while FAMU and TCC student tickets are sold for $26 with the code FAMUTCC. The general public ticket price ranges from $46 to $66 and have no discount code. Tickets went on sale Nov. 1 and can be purchased here. If you would like to listen to one of this year’s hottest artists who sings about issues that matter for an insanely low price, come to this year's Warchant and celebrate with us what it means to be a true Seminole.

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