The Geer Twins Love Fetty Wap, Sig Ep and Christmas

Names: Alex and Corey Geer

Hometown: Valrico, Florida

Majors: Communications (Alex), Political Science (Corey)

Year: Sophomores

Relationship Status: Both Taken

Courtesy: Alex Geer

After going to high school with these two characters, I knew that interviewing them would be pretty entertaining. The Geer twins are witty, hilarious and very passionate about anything they get involved in. Alex showed up first, and immediately sat down and started eating two McDonald’s McChickens. Corey came a little later (he got lost), and the first thing he said to Alex was, “Hey, I’m wearing your shoes.”

Her Campus (HC): So Alex, would you say McDonald’s is your fast food of choice?

Alex Geer (AG): Nah, probably Taco Bell. Because deep down I think I’m Hispanic.

Corey Geer (CG): I would say Taco Bell, because I used to work at the one on Tennessee Street, and after working there I still want to eat there. So that kind of goes to show you that they have pretty good food.

HC: You guys are both in Sigma Phi Epsilon, Do either of you hold any positions in it?

AG: Oh, I’m the President.

CG: I’m the President too.

HC: Really, how does that work?

CG: Alex and I got the same amount of votes for it, and in our bylaws it said that we could both be President.

HC: Wow, okay. So you guys are both President, that’s awesome. Is it a tough role?

AG: I mean, it’s got to be tough for Corey because he deals with all the boring work, like school and alumni, and I get to deal with the fun, social aspect of being President.

CG: It’s a lot of numbers for me, not a lot of faces. I’m usually shut off in an office and Alex is the “face.”

AG: I’m kind of like a figurehead, almost.

CG: Yeah. They don’t let me talk to people.

HC: What’s your favorite part about being in Sig Ep?

AG: I like the connections that I’ve made, not only with brothers in my fraternity, but guys in other fraternities and girls in sororities as well. I’ve met so many people through it, especially people that I value and look up to.

CG: Definitely the brotherhood. Right after rush, it’s like you have an instant connection with these guys, and they’re the guys that you’re going to be hanging out with and doing all these fun things with. And you’re going to be doing not-so-fun things with them sometimes too, but they’re always going to be there for you.

HC: Would you say you’re into fitness at all, or live a fit lifestyle?

AG: Kinda, I’m in ROTC. Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I’m at Physical Training.

CG: Let’s just say stress burns a lot of calories.

HC: What’s your favorite holiday?

AG: Definitely Christmas. On November 1st, Corey and I dropped $200 on Christmas decorations. Our apartment is like a Winter Wonderland.

CG: Oh, Christmas for sure.

HC: Where do you guys work?

CG: I’m a University Ambassador. So I give tours to prospective high school students. I love it so much. It’s the best job at FSU by far. It’s also the most important job. But that’s self-proclaimed, so make sure to mention that so that President Thrasher doesn’t get mad at me.

AG: I work at the Shoebox on Monroe. It’s nice because I make commission on the shoes I sell. It’s fun.

HC: Is that where you got the shoes you’re wearing?

AG: It is! I actually sold the most New Balance shoes in October, so they gave me a free pair.

*hears noise coming from Alex’s phone*

HC: Alex, are you watching Vines right now?

AG: *Laughs.*

CG: *Laughs.*

AG: It’s my favorite social media app! I like Vine a lot. I’ve never made a Vine though.

CG: My favorite social media, if you were wondering, is Soul Swipe.

HC: What is that?

CG: It’s like an African American Tinder. I didn’t do very well on it though. I don’t think I chose the right pictures. When you’re going through Tinder or any sort of social media or dating website like that, it’s all about the pictures.

HC: Very true. It’s all about close-ups of the face, but we also need to see the bod.

CG: Yeah... I didn’t put enough shirtless pictures on there. If I did, people would’ve seen it and been like, “Oh yeah, he’s not trying too hard.”

AG: Wait a second; Corey, you didn’t even say anything about my haircut.

CG: *Silence* question.

AG: Okay wait, you wanna arm wrestle?

CG: Later.

HC: Alrighty then! What else are you guys involved in?

AG: We go to church at Wesley, the on-campus ministry.

CG: Yeah, it’s a really tight-knit community of people and a great way to stay grounded throughout everything that goes on.

HC: What’s the song that’s stuck in your head, right now?

CG: “Tennessee Whiskey” by Chris Stapleton, but the version with Justin Timberlake in it too.

AG: The John Legend and Meghan Trainor duet, “Like I’m Gonna Lose You.”

HC: Who are your favorite artists or bands?

CG: Vincent Van Gogh. Oh wait, like music? I would say Fetty Wap and Jack Johnson.

AG: I’d have to say Fetty Wap and Kenny Chesney

HC: Why Fetty Wap?

CG: I don’t know; he just makes good music. Not really like, good music, but really catchy music.

AG: That’s a versatile musician right there.

CG: Did you know that he was a Classical Music composer before he was a rapper?

HC: No way.

CG: No, he wasn’t. That’d be really cool though. Actually, I got into an accident on my scooter the same day that Fetty Wap got in an accident on his motorcycle. That’s fate right there.

HC: Where do you guys see yourselves ten years from now?

AG: I really want a family, that’s the biggest thing.

CG: Yeah, me too. And I’d like to be doing something really meaningful as well.

AG: I’d also like a truck. And I’d still want to be at Florida State.

CG: Yeah! 10 years from now I’d like to be doing my eighth victory lap here!

HC: And this is also happening when you guys have the families, right?

CG: Oh, yes. We’ll live in Deviney. My roommate will be my wife, and then our kids will be our suitemates! It’ll be great.

HC: Wow, that’s an awesome setup, I really hope that all works out for you guys ten years from now. As for right now, do you like all your roommates?

AG: Oh, yeah. Taylor Huet and Daniel Cardenas are our roommates. I couldn’t see myself living with anyone else.

Courtesy: Taylor Huet

HC: What’s it like for you guys to live with a girl?

AG: It sucks!

CG: Nah, it actually doesn’t suck. It’s way better than I expected. It’s like having a sister.

AG: Yeah, we were a little worried about sexual tension between Daniel and Taylor, but that’s just because every girl at FSU is attracted to Daniel.

HC: Let’s talk about TV shows.

CG: My favorites are Breaking Bad and Friday Night Lights.

AG: And who introduced you to that show, Corey?

CG: Yeah, Alex showed me Friday Night Lights. I used to make fun of him for watching it, but that’s because he peaked in high school.

AG: Actually, I recently started watching Grey’s Anatomy, because my girlfriend makes me watch it with her.

CG: I watched Sex and the City today. It was pretty good. Not, like, by myself though. I watched it with my girlfriend.

HC: How’d you guys meet your girlfriends?

CG: We met at a tailgate, hung out, went to a hot tub at U Club and stayed up talking until like eight in the morning.

AG: I met her at Sig Ep. She came there one time, and I was friends with all her friends but had never met her. She actually thought I was really cocky at first because I told her that her hair would look better down, but I wasn’t trying to be rude! I’m just, like, a hair guy. I can appreciate a girl with nice hair. Her hair was up in a bun and I thought,  “Oh, your hair would look really nice down!”

HC: How long have you been dating them?

CG: Uh, five days. It’s going well.

AG: Haley and I have been dating for two months. It’s dandy.

HC: How can people tell you apart?

CG: Well our hair parts different ways. Mine parts to the left.

AG: Mine’s to the right.

HC: You know we should probably talk more about what it’s like to have a twin, and all the perks that come with it.

CG: Well, we used to switch classes sometimes, you can always take their place on the phone and no one notices, we can borrow each other’s clothes all the time and living together is pretty easy because we pretty much have no boundaries at this point. There’s a lot of hitting and a lot of punching.

AG: Yeah... we love each other. It’s like having a best friend you’re 99 percent genetically similar to.