FSU Women’s Soccer: Breaking Records and Taking Names

What’s better than a group of strong and powerful women working together? A group of strong and powerful women breaking university records! The Florida State University Women’s soccer team was founded in 1995 and even in its 24th season, these women are still breaking records and reminding the world that women can truly do anything they put their mind to.

Courtesy: Seminole Sports

These women have been doing their thing for over 23 years now. This incredible team won its first national championship in program history in Dec. 2014! With a win against the then 4th-ranked University of Virginia, 2014 was a solid year for the ‘Noles, where they ended their season with ten straight wins and took home a school record, 21-game unbeaten streak (20-0-1).

This season, the women’s soccer team at Florida State has had an incredibly strong start. For the first time in FSU history, these gals held a 4-0 record that shut out all their opponents. Not a single goal was scored on these women during the first four games while they acquired a total of 12 goals over this stretch. These women are making their mark in school history as well as a mark against anyone who still thinks the statement, “you play like a girl” is an insult.

This year, records continue to be broken as one of FSU women’s soccer's top athletes, Deyna Castellanos, a junior forward, is now tied for sixth place in Florida State history with 29 career goals! And the season is not even over yet. Helping her team take home a 3-0 win against Virginia Tech, Castellanos is leading them into their game against Boston College on Sunday, Sep. 23.

Courtesy: Seminole Sports

Deemed favored within the top ten Coaches Poll at the start of the season, head coach Mark Krikorian is entering his 14th year with the ‘Noles where he has put Florida State on the map as a yearly contender for the national title, something we’ve all wanted since their title in 2014 This year may just be their year! With the incredible amount of talent on this entire team, FSU’s title is good hands, or should I say feet.

With ten games under their belt for the 2018 season, they currently hold an 8-1-1 record, making them seventh in the nation. Yes, you heard me correctly, top ten! And with the way the season is going I think it’s safe to say that we are only moving up from here! Make sure to come out and support our team, as this isn’t a season you want to miss! For a full schedule of their games please check out the official Seminoles Soccer website. And as always, Go ‘Noles!