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FSU Students Experience Mixed Feelings About Doak’s Renovations

Update: The 80-million-dollar project to renovate Doak Campbell Stadium is finished and the students are experiencing some mixed feelings. The first home game against Charleston Southern revealed the same beautiful majestic Doak we all know and love, but really the only noticeable difference was the extraordinarily large jumbotron located in only one end zone.

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The Champions Club is the shining torch of the improvements, receiving most of the focus for the renovations. The exclusive club is now equipped with 5,000 outdoor cushioned seats, 70,000 square feet of air conditioned club and 34,000 square feet of covered rooftop terraces. In total, the club section spreads over four levels to offer multiple view points for its club members to kickback and enjoy the game.

But the students are sitting back and wondering – what about us?

There is an undeniable passion that the students of Florida State University posses for their school. They mean it every time they revert to the phrase “we bleed garnet and gold.” There are few things that get them excited to the brink of explosion – Florida State football is one of them.

Doak is home to a large fan base of all different ages and incomes—but the students can’t help feel they were put on the backburner after being exposed to all the renovations. Who’s to say they won’t one day live it up in the skyboxes or become a Champions Club member, but for now here are some students’ initial feelings.

A breakdown of the new improvements to Doak S. Campbell Stadium from students’ perspective:

Phase 1:

  1. Re-glaze of the already existing skyboxes – So really cool expensive rooms that maybe if I can pay off my student loans I will be able to afford.
  2. Upgrading the air conditioning systems in the sky box systems – Another one for the skyboxes.
  3. Selective steel repairs throughout the entire stadium – We stand in our section anyway.

Phase 2:

  1. Two new circulation towers with high speed elevators – What reason will I ever need to take this elevator?
  2. Architectural ordination at the base of each tower to tie us closer to the Seminole Indian culture – To be or not to be representative of the Seminole Indian Culture? Clearly, we can’t make up our minds.
  3. Each tower will have architectural elements that are similar to “lanterns” – More about these towers that I will most likely never step foot in.
  4. Towers will be clad with brick and precast concrete – These towers sure will be fancy.
  5. Existing South end zone bleacher seating is replaced with new padded club seats – I guess maybe as an alumnus I can find my way to a nice cushioned seat!
  6. Generous access aisles to get to and from seating – This is helpful, just not that exciting.
  7. Seating will be newly configured to allows for the addition of a mid-level, air conditioned interior club – Such an exclusive club I am currently not a part of.
  8. The club possess a sound system, large screen TV’s and other amenities – This club sounds crazy cool….
  9. Convenient access from the south end zone club seating from the south end zone – Just a little more ease for the club members.
  10. Permanent covering providing protection from the sun and rain for the open air upper level terrace area and a portion of the upper level club seating area. These coverings resemble early Indian cultures – What is anyone really gaining from this one?
  11. On the terrace level there will be additional beverage and food stations and toilet facilities – Yay, food that I don’t have access to.

The students are not bitter but just perhaps a little disappointed. For now, many students are left wondering how they would improve the university with $80 million outside of the well known athletics department. A popular response: more parking.

Courtesy: University Center Club

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