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FSU Homecoming Live Performances That I Wish I Was Alive For

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

With the recent announcement that the 2022 FSU Homecoming Live Headliner will be Tinashe, the entire campus is buzzing with excitement. It will be an amazing performance opened by many of FSU’s finest performers that will surely leave us wanting more. Following the spirit of the announcement, my friends and I wondered whom FSU has hosted in the past. After looking at the list, we were shocked at how many great performers have come to Tallahassee to entertain FSU students. I saw so many acts that I know would have been so much fun to see live, so I have accumulated a list of the top five past FSU Homecoming Live performances that I wish I was alive for.


In 1997, David Spade took the FSU Civic Center stage for a stand-up set that would have had me cracking up. In the 90s, SNL comedians, Spade being one of them, were gaining so much attention for their natural humor and many have said that this decade was SNL’s peak. After laughing with Spade on television for years, FSU students got the chance to laugh with him live and maybe even saw the early stages of some of Spade’s best characters, like Joe Dirt.

Cheech and Chong, Little River Band and Meisburg and Walters

1976 brought not even a show, but a party with a comedy set from the iconic Cheech and Chong, a rock show from Little River Band and a folk performance from Tallahassee locals Meisburg and Walters. They had something for everyone, and I would bet all my money that FSU students at that show enjoyed every second of it. I am so jealous that not only did they have multiple headliners, but that each headliner brought something different to the table, making it a truly incredible show.

jiffy buffet and the coral reefer band

Jimmy Buffet and his accompanying live band gave the Civic Center a show in 1986. As someone who grew up listening to country music on the radio and hearing Jimmy Buffet all the time, I would have loved to see the band live while they were at their peak. In the 80s Jimmy Buffet was everywhere and had so many fans, so this must have been a great show for FSU Students to see one of their favorite artists at the time.


I will admit, I am not personally a huge Talking Heads fan simply because I don’t know much about their music, but I do know that they were one of the biggest bands of their time. So, when they came to FSU in 1983 right after the release of their most successful album, Speaking In Tongues, students must have gotten the show of a lifetime. Now, if I had been 20 years old in 1983, I’m sure I would have been a huge fan of Talking Heads and it would have been an incredible experience to see them live in their prime.


If you know me, you know I love Adam Sandler. Since his show at the Civic Center in 1995, he has continued to create a legacy with Happy Madison Productions as well as through his stand-up. Just like Spade, he gained attention from his time on SNL, but unlike Spade, Sandler really was the it-boy of the ’90s. Sandler is known for drawing more attention to SNL and his reputation brought so many viewers to the show. Knowing how much of a fan of Adam Sandler I am now, in the 90s I would have enjoyed his humor just as much and would have done everything I could to be front row at his FSU stand-up show.

Although I wish I could have attended these shows, and so many more past performances, I am thrilled that I get the chance to see Tinashe come to our school. Maybe in 40 years, a future FSU Her Campus writer will publish a similar article and wish she could have seen Tinashe in 2022!

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Sophie Roguski is a Junior at Florida State University, majoring in International Affairs, with a minor in Hospitality Management. She loves romcoms, celebrity gossip, and has a strong desire to travel more.