FSU Career Center: Turning ‘Noles into ProfessioNoles

Courtesy: Miranda Mauro 

As a graduating senior, the Career Center is my haven. Whenever I go to get help on my resume, they mark it up and give such useful advice that I can't wait to go back for more. I now have utilized the resources that the Career Center provides more than I can count. They have so many outlets, events and other practices to help you in all of your professional endeavors. All they want to do is help, and the amazing staff knows just how to do so.

The Career Center is located on Woodward Avenue right behind the Wellness Center. They are open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. When you walk in, all you have to do is check in at the computers and specify what you need advising with. They can help you with everything, from building a resume to picking your major if you are still undecided. You can even setup mock interviews with the staff to help you nail that first interview. The staff there is very friendly, patient and knows what they are talking about. They also give you a handy “Career Guide” booklet, which includes statistics on what is the best layout, styles and content to add to your resume. It gives you advice on how to obtain both a part-time and full-time job, as well as includes mock interview exercises and ways to dress to impress. The booklet has everything you might need in order to be successful, so go pick one up!

Courtesy: Miranda Mauro

Besides visiting the Career Center, you can also utilize SeminoleLink. This is an online system that is setup by the Career Center. It is similar to LinkedIn, but only for FSU students and alumni. It gives you the ability to put your name out there in the professional network that the Career Center has created. You can find and apply for learning opportunities, full-time employment and network with FSU students and alumni. It gives you the option to upload a resume and cover letter that puts your name into the Career Center’s database. You even have the option to upgrade to Plus Services, which opens up even more resources that you can utilize.

Another opportunity that the career center has is all of the events that they hold throughout the year. As many of you hopefully attended, they hosted “Seminole Futures” last week, where employers came to FSU to seek prospective ‘Noles to hire. This week, the Career Center is holding a “Nole to ProfessioNole” workshop Monday through Thursday. This hour long workshop will assist you with building a resume and writing a cover letter. They also have the “Part-Time Job Fair” on Wednesday from 10 am to 2 pm. The Career Center consistently has workshops, job fairs and other events scheduled for students throughout the entire year.

The FSU Career Center has done an outstanding job at providing plenty of resources for students to utilize. Now it is our job to actually use these amazing resources at hand. When we graduate, we are going to wish to have these kinds of resources at our fingertips. It is better to start earlier than later, so visit the Career Center today!

The Career Center calendar for the rest of the semester can be found on their website, so be sure to utilize it for all your career needs. Happy job hunting, Collegiettes!