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FSU Boxing National Champ and Campus Cutie: Sam Houston

Fun Facts

Fave Color: Green

Fave activity: Hanging with friends

Fave Food: Pizza/Sushi

Sign: Taurus

Relationship Status: Single

Year: Senior

Major: Political Science

Her Campus (HC): So Sam, why did you decide to come to FSU?

Sam Houston (SH): FSU has awesome programs, it’s entertaining, and it’s a good school. My mom used to go here, and was actually in the flying high circus. And, being that my major is political science and Tallahassee is the capital, it just made sense to make FSU my home.

HC: Awesome! You mentioned your major is political science; what are your plans for the future?

SH: To go to either law school or grad school and get my MPA (masters in public administration). I’d then either try to become a lobbyist or work toward having a job in the legislative aspect of the government. I actually intern for the Department of Children and Families and already take on stuff in the political realm, such as bill analysis. It’s interesting to actually witness the progression of a bill in the legal system.

HC: Wow, sounds like you’re definitely already on the path to succeed. Are you in involved in any extracurricular clubs or activities here at FSU?

SH: Yeah, I’m actually a FSU Boxer and we’re going to nationals today. I could potentially be the national champ at 165lbs, but who knows!

HC: That’s impressive; how’d you get involved in boxing?

SH: In high school I was a wrestler and the summer after graduation I got into kickboxing and cage fighting, which led me to want to continue. Joab Corey was my Economics professor and also happened to be owner of the renegade boxing gym which hosts the FSU and FAMU boxing teams.  Boxing is something I didn’t focus on, it just kind of happened. Boxing actually just came back to FSU two years ago, which is when I got involved. Before that, the last collegiate boxing match was in the 60s. They just got re-instated two years ago and then USIBA was formed — United States Inter-Collegian Boxing Association. FSU held the first collegiate boxing match in 50 years at the Civic Center on Dec 1st 2012. FSU had 11 people fight, and we won 7 out of 10 matches against UF, USF, MIAMI, FIU, FAU and NOVA. I was one of the winners out of the seven. I’ve also done mixed martial arts (MMA), jujitsu, and now I represent FSU as a boxer. I think it’s pretty cool!

HC: Sounds like it was meant to be! You seem like a pretty dedicated FSU fan; what’s been one of your greatest experiences here?

SH: Going to Pasadena and the ACC. I even made it onto the front of Orlando Sentinel for being such an avid FSU fan.

HC: Do you have a job?

SH: I intern for the Department of Children and Families and work at the strip; primarily in Public House.

HC: Awesome! Now for the fun questions. What do you look for in a girl?

SH: Being trustworthy is the biggest quality I look for, hands down. Definitely has to be nice, and not just on the surface; genuinely nice.

HC: Ideal date?

SH: To go out for some sushi or pizza.

HC: Favorite movie?

SH: Bad Grandpa.

HC: Who would you say is the person you admire the most?

SH: Definitely going to have to say my brother for how straight his moral compass is.

HC: What’s your favorite quote?

SH: As a great taco bell mild hot sauce packet once said: “If you never do, you’ll never know.”

Yes, this is really the hot sauce packet on top of the mirror in his bathroom!

Big congratulations to Sam because he did in fact win the national championship title at 165lbs this past weekend in Miami!


My name is Cierra Roth, Currently I'm a Junior and a brand new member of the Her Campus FSU chapter! Fashion, music, culture and healthy living are my forte. Love spreading positive vibes; positively love vibing.
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