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FSU Apartments with The Best Pools: College Core

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

If you’re familiar with the FSU campus, you’ll have at least heard about some of the amazing apartment complexes around Tally. With the spring and summer days ahead, students are flocking to their apartment pools. Who can blame them when you’re living in the sunshine state? Unfortunately, not all the pools are on the same playing field. There are more bougie ones and some more…. let’s say… raunchy. So, let’s talk about which one brings the ultimate college vibes straight out of a movie. 

The Enclaves at College Town

It’s true when they say that Urban and Stadium Enclave are luxury student living. The luxury doesn’t stop indoors either, the pool is a huge selling point at the Enclaves. In fact, the resort-style pool comes with barbecue grills, fire pits, an outdoor bar and kitchen, a jumbotron, cabanas, pavilions and a beach volleyball court! Students are out at the Urban and Stadium pools around the clock on a nice day. Honestly, it’s hard to find a spot with all the people tanning. On a busy day, the pool looks straight out of a movie and the vibes are high. People bring their massive speakers out and play beer pong at the built-in table towards the shallow end of the pool. Dogs are running around, people are tanning, swimming and chatting it up. But if you’re not a fan of country music, you might get a little sick of the music around the Enclave pools. Not saying that’s all they play, but it is a solid amount. All around, the Enclave pools are at the top of the list for the best pools in Tallahassee. But keep this warning in mind; if you plan on going there for a game day to watch the game on the jumbotron… don’t. Unfortunately, the one downside of the Enclaves is that the jumbotron is NEVER working.

The Standard at Tallahassee

Another amazing pool around the Tallahassee area is the Standard! Their rooftop pool is one of the main highlights and what brings many students there. With a top-grade infinity pool that looks over the city of Tallahassee, who wouldn’t love doing their homework out there on a sunny day? With its trendy furnishing and lights, the rooftop pool also comes with many options for sitting, including reclining tanning chairs, hammocks, bar top stools, and lawn chairs. Of course, they also have a grill and if you ever need to cool down, they have umbrellas scattered across the area.

The Lux

Next on the list is the Lux. To be honest, there’s nothing really special about the Lux pool. It has the basics: a pool, chairs, fireplace and grill, and that’s about it. But if you are just looking to catch some rays and play in a pool, this is an option! The pool area isn’t much to look at, and it’s surrounded by apartments, so it’s kind of closed off. 

Stadium Centre

Stadium Centre consists of three complexes that include a pool amenity: the Deck, the Block and the Edge. The three swimming pool areas include sun decks and poolside cabanas. While the three of them are relatively similar in design, the Edge’s pool is significantly smaller than the others and only consists of a pool and tanning chairs. The Deck and Block’s pool area includes a nice-sized pool and cabanas to hang out under. These pools are perfect for a chill pool day with close friends! It definitely can get packed there on a nice day, but it doesn’t get close to the college picture we get at the Enclaves and the Standard!

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