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Four Underrated Affordable Beauty Brands

It doesn’t take hundreds of dollars to get the perfect makeup look. Living on a college student budget, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest palettes or replace that perfect primer every month. Thanks to the internet, I found these four significantly underrated brands that can take care of all your beauty needs.

1. Colourpop

Courtesy: YouTube

An Ultra Matte Colourpop liquid lipstick cost $6. That’s it. On top of it being affordable, the product is really unbelievable. If you just want to test it out, they have really awesome bundles with bestselling colors for really great prices. Colourpop has gained a lot of attention from Kylie Cosmetics having a similar color and formula. And, they don’t only sell lippies! Colourpop has everything from eyeshadows to highlighters. Free shipping on orders over $30, so get to shopping!

2. Morphe

Courtesy: YouTube

Morphe is very popular because of their amazing high quality makeup brushes, but did you know they also have an entire makeup line? Many beauty gurus have expressed their love for Morphe palettes, but I don’t think they get enough recognition. Morphe Pro Eyeshadow Palettes can come in 35 colors for only $22.99. The eyeshadows are super pigmented and they have the perfect color for any occasion. The palettes are named according to their colors and use, like “Warm” and “Dark Smoky.” You will not regret buying any of these palettes because it will quickly become your go-to.

3. Huda Beauty

Courtesy: Huda Beauty

Noted makeup artist, lash guru and blogger Huda Kattan and her sisters founded Huda Beauty. Her YouTube channel, as well as her other social media platforms, have millions of followers. You might even recognize her from the Kardashian family snapchats! Huda Beauty is a top sold product in Sephora Middle East stores. Luckily for us, it is now also available on her website!

Huda Beauty is most known for their amazing quality false eyelashes. The prices range from about $16-39! The lashes are cruelty free and can be worn multiple times if taken care of. You can have the glam of a celebrity next time you go on your date function or a night out at Standard.

4. BH Cosmetics

Courtesy: BH Cosmetics

Another really affordable makeup brand is BH. If you’re looking to increase your makeup collection, then it has you covered. They have everything, from makeup organizers and brushes to powders and blushes. BH Cosmetics makes it possible to have the makeup collection of a YouTube beauty guru, but at a price that won’t max out your credit card.

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