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Four Reasons Why You Should Be Watching The Bold Type

Have you ever dreamed of living in the Big Apple with your best gal pals while working your dream job and living your best life? Well, if you’ve ever been fascinated by working in the fashion and editorial industry in the city that never sleeps, you HAVE to watch The Bold Type. This is not a recommendation, this is a must. If you’re a lover for the movie The Devil Wears Prada, The Carrie Diaries, and Gossip Girl, then you’d seriously love this show. Forget Blair and Serena, Jane, Kat and Sutton redefine female friendship. Boldly.

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The series follows three best friends making their way up the career ladder at Scarlet, a women's magazine based in New York City. Working in different departments, you follow their journey as they make their mark in the industry while also balancing their busy lives. The Bold Type focuses on supportive female friendships, the struggles in finding your identity, and of course, love.

After watching the first episode, I instantly knew it was my new favorite show. What makes this series so great to me, is how bold each episode is. It tackles real issues from feminism and politics to sexual harassment. It’s never exaggerated, it’s real and relatable. The Bold Type will leave you feeling inspired and ready to take on the world like a girl boss. Here are just some of the reasons why you should start binge watching it right now!


Not only are the three main characters women, but the series just screams girl power. In today’s world, nothing is greater than seeing women take charge and succeed in the workplace (especially with equal pay still not existing.) Have you ever noticed the norm where women are always portrayed as competing with one another to get to the top or to be the best? Well in The Bold Type, it’s the complete opposite. You witness women empowering women, as it should be.

2. The Fashion Magazine Industry

The Bold Type shows you that a fashion magazine is not only about clothes or fashion. It’s about feminism, politics, capturing the right story, creating a brand, and empowering women across the globe. Fashion is not just clothes, it’s an empowering and inspiring lifestyle.

3. Finding Yourself

Most of us don’t know where we want to be in our lives, and that’s okay. The characters show that finding yourself takes time and work, it doesn’t happen in a day. Their journeys and self-exploration will give you the inspiration and motivation to tackle anything and accept that one day, you’ll get to where you want to be. It also shows the audience to be okay with who you’re becoming.

4. Love

It explores relationships and sexuality in a more realistic way than usual TV tropes do when it comes to romance. It doesn’t hold back on the topic of sexuality, as Jane, Kat and Sutton show different perspectives on love. The characters’ identities are explored through casual and serious relationships, showing that love has the chance to grow.

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