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Four Astrology Facts Everyone Should Know

Lately, it seems as if astrology has been taking over social media. From countless posts and accounts dedicated to astrology all over platforms such as TikTok and Twitter, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and lost with all the information being thrown at you. Despite the invalidation and bad reputation that astrology gets, the truth is simply that astrology is an amazing way to get to know yourself and better understand the “why” behind your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Once you really do the research and take a new perspective on it beyond the generic, stereotypical astrology memes you see on Instagram (the ones that call every Gemini crazy), you will come to find that astrology is a beautiful means to better understanding yourself, and you will be shocked at the accuracy that your chart brings. I mean, it's literally written in the stars. There are some amazing accounts and astrologers all over social media to help get you started, 

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There is so much to astrology that cannot possibly be covered here, but I listed four basics to astrology that I feel everyone should know about, especially if you're just getting started. All you really need to know is your birth time and exact location. 

1. Your Sun Sign

Your sun sign is your true self. It is your ego, essence, your will and the force that drives the willpower to make decisions and direct all the other parts of your life. The sun sign is a part of you that is apparent to others; it is what others see, while the moon sign is more internal. 

2. The planets 

Each planet represents an energetic part of the human condition, or a component of life, such as our love style, emotional nature, communication style, aggression and more. The position of each planet has to do with the style in which the planet’s qualities are manifested. Below, in simple, laymen terms, I have listed the basic qualities of each planet in astrology. 

Sun: represents your ego, the inner you, your essence, the unchanging part of you. The zodiac sign Leo is ruled by the sun. 

Moon: represents your feelings and emotions. The zodiac sign Cancer is ruled by the moon. 

Mercury: the planet of intelligence and communication, and the ruling planet of Gemini and Virgo. 

Venus: the planet of love, pleasure and beauty, and the ruling planet of Taurus and Libra 

Mars: the planet of aggression, forcefulness, initiative and physical energy. It is the ruling planet of Aries.

Jupiter: the planet of good luck, optimism, success and generosity. It is the ruling planet of Sagittarius. 

Saturn: this planet governs ambition, career, authority, hierarchy and conforming social structures. It is the ruling planet of Capricorn.

Uranus: the planet of originality, freedom, individuality, revelation and creativity. It is the ruling planet of Aquarius. 

Neptune: the planet of imagination, cloudiness, confusion, delusion, illusion and unreality. It is the ruling planet of Pisces.

Pluto: the planet of sexuality, obsessive desires, transformation, power and wealth. It is the ruling planet of Scorpio. 

3. Your Moon Sign 

Your moon sign has to do with your emotions and feelings. It is the part of you that you see, while the sun sign is what is apparent to others. The moon represents your emotional nature and instinctive reactions, as well as unconscious habit patterns that you may have developed as a result of your emotions. The moon in your horoscope modifies your sun sign, bringing new forces, unique qualities, different motivations and spiritual elements to the character of your sun sign. This is why we cannot only rely on the sun sign to describe someone.

4. Your Rising Sign 

The rising sign, also called the ascendant, is perhaps the most misunderstood aspect of astrology. Your rising sign is how people perceive you because it is the style that we use to go about meeting the needs of our sun sign. It represents our appearance in the world, aspects of our physical appearance, the image we project to the world and the impression we make on others. We tend to behave more like our rising sign when we are surrounded by strangers or new situations. 

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Em is a junior from Miami double majoring in psychology and English: editing, writing, & media. Writing, fashion, and astrology are some of her interests and she hopes to pursue a degree in fashion ujournalism.
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