Football Season Is Back on All American

On Oct. 10, 2018, the American television drama series All American premiered on The CW. The show is inspired by the life of Spencer Paysinger, a professional American football player, played by actor Daniel Ezra. Despite many speculations that the show wouldn’t make it past the first season due to Riverdale returning on the same night for season three, the second season of All American made an even more impressive impact than last year. 

According to The Wrap, an entertainment and media news website, Univision and The CW almost tied for sixth in ratings in the year of 2018. Univision had a total of 1.37 million viewers while The CW was seventh with 1.1 million views. All American had received around 710,000 viewers for its first season on The CW. Nevertheless, many fans could not resist the addicting football TV show and wanted more after the season one cliffhanger. 

Last week on Oct.7, season two premiered and reached its largest audience with a total of 926,000 viewers. According to TVLine, an entertainment website devoted to news and spoilers of television programs, the season two premiere of All American had overlapped its previous amount of total viewers by a full 20 percent. Mark Pedowitz, head of The CW, had revealed later on that All American was renewed for another season because the show had found a wider audience on Netflix beyond its initial network run. Either way, fans all over enjoyed the new premiere and many TVLine readers gave the premiere of the new season an overall average grade of “A”. 

The main plot surrounding the new season deals with Spencer James, played by Daniel Ezra, making a big decision that could affect the people he loves most. Now a football State Champion, James has to make the decision on remaining in Beverly Hills and playing on Coach Billy Baker’s team or moving back to South LA with his mother, brother, and father, who happens to also be the brand-new coach for the South Crenshaw Tigers. 

At this point, it is no longer about football, but about the people in his life that he cares for the most. After having a rough start moving to Beverly Hills at the beginning of the first season, James didn’t think the new move would work out. Eventually, his new home became his second family. Now, the decisions he will make throughout the new season and the unexpected situation he will face will affect everyone in his life that he cherishes. Fans are ready for all the juicy, angsty drama coming this season and can only hope for the show to continue after. 

As for casting, everyone can expect the big players to be returning to the show and of course, some new faces throughout the new season that will definitely bring more drama to All American. Although not revealed yet by The CW, fans should expect the series to continue with season three in Oct. of 2020, following its familiar pattern.

All gifs courtesy of Giphy.

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