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Florida State Coming in for the Kill

             At the beginning of the season, Florida State fans had no idea what was in store ahead. So far this season we are 7-0, but this weekend, we played our biggest game yet. Early in the season, all of us Florida State students anticipated the University of Florida game, but after UF’s fall this season, it is safe to say that we were all greatly looking forward to the Miami game. Miami was 7-0, making this the most anticipated game yet. Were you confused on what to expect last weekend? From the beautiful weather, outfit choices, and talk about Jameis Winston’s possible Heisman, I’m here to tell you all you need to know about last weekend’s game day event.

The weather was beautiful on Saturday, November 2, 2013. We had no rain, which makes game day all that better. The high was 77 degrees and the low was 46 degrees. It was partly cloudy, so we were prepared for it to be an extremely beautiful day. During the day it was somewhat hot outside. Since the game was at night though, it was a bit chilly when the game was actually taking place. I hope no one forgot to bring a sweater!

Now on somewhat chilly days, we are all unsure of what to wear for game day. Well I am here to assist you with that for future game days. White jeans are always very stylish and can be matched well with Florida State’s garnet and gold colors. The problem with white is that it gets dirty extremely fast. You could always go for the dark jeans look, which can be made into a tribal look with some cute jewelry. I would suggest wearing a garnet top with either dark jeans or white jeans if you’re looking to be bold. If you don’t own a garnet top, you could always go with black. My favorite accessory has to be gold. Accenting it with gold makes your outfit that much more impressive.

Our new quarterback Jameis Winston is the topic of conversation among every Florida State student. What is most impressive about Winston is that he is also pitching for the Florida State baseball team. This season he has 1,885 passing yards, 20 passing touchdowns, 3 interceptions, and a 71 percent completion percentage. Winston is a likely candidate for a Heisman, which all depended on his UM performance. Before him only two other freshmen had made it as a finalist. Right now, his biggest competition is Marcus Mariota from Oregon, who is definitely a favorite. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Winston proves his glory and snags a finalist spot, or a claim to the Heisman.

This weekend was full of excitement! The weather was beyond beautiful, your outfit most likely looked adorable, and famous Jameis pulled in another win for the Seminoles. We sent the Hurricanes back to Miami and kept this season undefeated. Remember to stay safe and have fun on game days, Collegiettes!