Five YouTubers I Love

1. BigDawsTV and Other Social Experiment Channels

Courtesy of BigDawsTV

Even though they might fall under the “umbrella” of pranks, they aren’t what you imagine. These YouTubers aren’t pulling a chair out from underneath a girl, filming from far away while she hits the ground and screams. Rather, they’ve found the funnier, lighter side of pranking, whether they’re eating junk food at the gym, dunking on strangers, or using cheesy pick-up lines. BigDawsTV’s uncanny resemblance to NBA star Klay Thompson gives him a ton of video ideas! Generally, channels such as BigDawsTV, LAHWF, Nelk and Daily Dropout have a more positive side to their videos with the goal of getting genuine reactions out of people rather than embarrassing them.

2. Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams

Courtesy of Superfame

I decided to throw these two together since they’re ENGAGED! Shane has been ruling YouTube for over a decade now, although I just stumbled upon his videos for the first time over winter break. While he has more entertaining and simple videos like eating breakfast foods from various fast-food restaurants, he has recently been producing documentaries on other internet stars such as Jeffree Star and Jake Paul. His fiancé (wow I can’t get used to saying that), Ryland has been producing similar videos on his channel, often incorporating Shane, his sister Morgan and other friends. They’re definitely a pair that you can binge watch for days.

3. This Is Dan Bell and Bright Sun Films

Courtesy of Reddit

I have officially found the weird side of YouTube. These videos are often perceived as dark, but at the same time, they’re absolutely fascinating. These two, who recently started working side-by-side, are obsessed with “abandoned and bankrupt retail” as Bright Sun Films’ Jake Williams says. They go into abandoned malls and shopping centers to look into the history of these businesses and why they went under. While it can potentially be a sad topic, it’s extremely interesting and I love watching them.

4. Gamers

I threw these channels into one since they all revolve around FIFA console or mobile in one way or another. Football, or soccer in the U.S., is the most popular sport in the world, and the abundance of YouTubers covering it seems to fit the mold. My obsession with FIFA and reluctance to pay for exclusive packs or whatever else makes me love watching gamers such as Stopde, Bateson87 and TheMasterBucks, who make money off their videos and then pour it back into the game. Although I’m pretty much older than the age demographic for these videos, I still love them.

5. Tana Mongeau

Courtesy of Tana Mongeau

I can feel the controversy coming. Fine, I like Tana. Actually, I LOVE Tana. She’s had her fair share of screw-ups and eye-catching incidents, but her “story time” videos, vlogs and weird experiments are very similar to Shane and Ryland’s, and I love them. She’s funny, fashionable, lively and even though it could be seen as an unpopular opinion, I consider her a girl boss. She relates to me on many topics, which helps me enjoy her even more.