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Five Ways to Prepare for the March for Our Lives in D.C.

With recent events surrounding the Parkland shooting, our nation has come together to demand a change in the system and forget about thoughts and prayers by fighting for what’s right. There have been many actions taken in the past week including walkouts from schools and even a march in our very own Tallahassee. Now it’s time to take it to a national level and prepare to march next week in Washington, D.C., on March 24. A national march is a step up from a local city march and there are different ways to prepare for this historic moment.

1. Dress for the weather.

Unlike Tallahassee, it is still cold in Washington D.C, with the weather getting as low as 38 degrees Fahrenheit the day of the march. Keep your spring florals tucked away for this one because, with this weather, you’re going to want to be in your warmest gear. An important part of keeping warm: layers! If you get hotter as you march on, it’ll be easy to remove layers to have an adaptable marching #ootd. Another key clothing component is your footwear. Be sure to wear comfy athletic shoes that you can walk in for miles; no matter how cute the sneaker is, the comfort of your shoe takes priority on this day.

2. Sweet, sweet storage.

You will be walking for quite a while so the best way to prepare is to have everything handy, which is easy to do with a small backpack (which is very “in” this spring season) or even a fanny pack. Big bulky backpacks seem great for fitting all your needs but they end up weighing you down. A tote also seems easily accessible but it’ll shift weight on one shoulder rather than evening out the distribution. You want to keep the bag light so it doesn’t weigh down on you as you march. For bonus points, accessorize your bag with cute buttons that speak your mind.

3. Hydrate & snack!

This is very important. We all can get hangry sometimes, especially after walking quite a distance. You’re going to want to bring a refillable water bottle and some light snacks to keep you going. An easy snack on the go is a granola bar or even some fruit like an apple or banana. Bananas are high in potassium and will give you that energy kick you need. There will be places you can pop in and grab something on the go (be sure to pack cash for these moments) while you march, but it’s also great to be prepared and pre-pack your snack!

4. Phone charger.

Washington is very beautiful this time of year and is known for its cherry blossoms, even hosting a cherry blossom festival from March 20 until April 15. You’re going to want to capture this on your phone’s camera and will certainly need a portable charger to make sure you get a chance to capture the beauty of this city and the historic moment surrounding you.

5. MSD gear.

This is probably the most important accessory to your march. This is the reason you are here, what you are fighting for. I will be wearing my MadSo Douglas shirt along with my Pura Vida peace bracelet dedicated to Douglas. Paired with a kick-ass sign, we are sure to make a statement that day. Douglas colors are burgundy and grey so keep that in mind too! Don’t forget to write for what you believe in and let your sign speak the truth, whatever that may be to you.

 Courtesy: NY Daily Mail

This is our moment as the next generation: we are here to create a change and we will march for that on March 24. I hope to see you there. Be sure to RSVP with this link!

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