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“COVID” and “quarantine” are two words no college student would like to hear. I would know, I am currently writing to you all under the wonderful time of my quarantine. Whether it’s five days or a full 10, being in isolation sucks. With all the practice we’ve had since early 2020, there are a couple of ways we can make the best out of the situations given to us. Here are five things you can do during quarantine that will make the time pass by faster. 

1. Catch up or get ahead on schoolwork

One of the silver linings about getting quarantined during the school semester is having some time to be productive with work you could be doing. I’ve taken advantage of this time by planning out my semester and working on my current weekly assignments as well as getting ahead for next week. 

2. Read a book

If you’re on BookTok, you understand. Author Colleen Hoover has been my recent obsession. Not only are her books utterly and gut-wrenchingly heartbreaking, but she also helps transition readers from young adult fiction to new adult fiction. The only thing I would note before reading is to look up trigger warnings before starting one of her books. Besides that, if you want a book that you can’t put down, pick up a Colleen Hoover book.

3. Create a new Spotify playlist 

Time is something you have plenty of. You have all the time in the world to sit down and listen to music, or better yet, take the time to put your favorite songs on one playlist. Make a study version, one to relax to or one to sing your heart out to. Whatever it may be, music is a natural stress reliever. Have yourself the main character moment and put together what you want to vibes of your life to be. 

4. Meditate/ listen to a mindful podcast 

Even if it’s for 10 minutes a day, morning, night or midday. 10 minutes is enough to reclaim your life in the present and not be worried about what is going to come next or regretting something you said to a friend at lunch. There are so many podcast options on Spotify or the app “Podcasts” on iPhones. There is a podcast called The Happiness Lab taught by a professor at Yale. Professor Santos goes over the research and scientific reasons you can self-sabotage your happiness and how to combat it. Emma Chamberlain’s Anything Goes podcast is so relatable and almost seems like you’re on a phone call with a friend. There is something for everyone!

5. Cultivate a new hobby

What have you wanted to do but for some reason in your busy schedule with work, school or other social engagements have you not been able to make time for? Painting, reading, learning a new instrument or creative writing? Do it now! Beginning now will make the progress that much more achievable in the coming months. 

However you choose to spend your quarantine, I hope you make the most of the time you have. You can choose to think of it as like a time-out in your apartment. Or you can try to look on the bright side, as maybe a much-needed five-day break. Take what I write to you like a tarot reading on your TikTok For You Page. What resonates with you, you can keep, otherwise take it with a grain of salt. Stay safe and overall, try and make the most of what life hands to you. 

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Hi, I am a junior at Florida State. I am majoring in Marketing and Management. I am from Tampa, but I was born and adopted from China. As always, GO NOLES!
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