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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

I think we’re all aware that 2020 has been one crazy year. From the pandemic to alien monoliths, I’m sure we are all thinking… when is this madness gonna end? For some, the only sense of normal has been the ability to constantly listen to music. This year has been wild, yes, but this year has also provided us with a lot of bops to listen to from Megan Thee Stallion’s recent album all the way to Taylor Swift’s newest album that just dropped this past week. No matter what 2021 throws our way, at least we’ll have these upcoming albums to look forward to.

1. Adele

Starting off with the British musical queen herself, Adele! This well-known singer has not produced an album in five years, so a new one is most definitely highly anticipated. There were some hopes that Adele would drop an album this year, as rumors flew around in 2019 that she was working hard at an album. However, as we all know, COVID-19 happened and production on a new album stopped. Adele did respond to a fan on Instagram, however, asking if her new album was ready by stating, “Of course it’s not. Corona ain’t over. I’m quarantining. Wear a mask and be patient.” Of course, this may be disappointing to some, but assuming this pandemic will be over soon, it is expected that her album should drop in 2021.

2. Drake

Next up is Drake! Drake recently stated on an Instagram live that he was working on an album for his fans. However, he also stated that he believes some fans will hate the new album as they hated Views. His new album will be titled Certified Lover Boy (CLB). Drake hopes to shed a different kind of light on himself with this new album and fans can’t wait to hear it. 

3. Kid Cudi

As some may know, Kid Cudi has been giving us great music for more than a decade now and soon we’ll have even more amazing songs to listen to. Kid Cudi’s newest album will be the last part of an album trilogy: Man On The Moon III. Though we haven’t been given an exact release date yet, he did drop a teaser and recently tweeted, “New sh*t need to hit y’all list so be ready madness approaching.”

4. Lana Del Ray

The year 2020 has been a good year for Lana Del Ray in terms of planning for the future. The 60s to 70s inspired singer has already planned to release a book called Behind The Iron Gates — Insights From An Institution through Simon & Schuster, which is set to be out in March of 2021. The star has already published two books this year. She is branching out in her art styles, but Lana Del Ray is still hot in the music industry. Lana has already stated that an album thought to be titled White Hot Forever should be released soon, but due to the coronavirus, that most likely won’t be until next year. For now, we have her latest single “Let Me Love You Like A Woman” to listen to. 

5. Kanye West

Last on the list is the 2020 presidential candidate in 12 states, Kanye West. West has been quite popular for many years and, as some may know, has recently taken up politics to some extent. However, this new fixation on American politics is not holding West back in the music industry. Back in July, West released a snippet of a song titled “Donda” on Twitter. This song has his mother’s voice on the track, who passed away in 2007, and it is named after her. Since then, Kanye has dropped other songs that seem to be teasers for the much-awaited Donda: With Child album, hopefully dropping next year. 

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Mia is a sophomore student at Florida State University majoring in Criminology with the hopes of going to law school. Mia enjoys movies, music, soccer, and being with her friends and family.
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